Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What we did during the Olympics

Madeline and I have been watching the Olympics.  Well, I've been watching and she's been acting like she is IN the Olympics.  Lots of running, jumping, flipping, flying  -- she's easily entertained, at times.

A friend talked me into trying locker hooking.  You can use up your old fabric and make a nice rug.  No counting, no designing, no new supplies -- just some rug canvas, a locker hook needle, old fabric and a ball of cotton yarn.  I had everything but the needle.  There's plenty of videos out there on You Tube if you want to try it yourself.  Like I need another hobby -- well, we won't go there.

So I gave it a try last night while waiting for the ice dancing.  This is something pretty fun, pretty mindless to do while watching TV and pretty entertaining for Madeline.  She's such a help.

Oh what?  You're back?  No, I wasn't doing anything.  Just laying here waiting on you.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fantasy Landscape

In my group, CQForNewbies, we had a Round Robin where the theme was Fantasy Landscapes.  The last block for me to work on was Janet's (Janet who painted the alien in the last post) and her theme was Alien World. I had a lot of fun with this block (gee, imagine that). 

The person before me, Beth, did the space ship, so that left the aliens up to me.  I chose to base my aliens on the Onkali race from the Octavia Butler novels.  The Onkali have three "sexes" -- male, female and ooloi.  This is an adult ooloi and a child ooloi.  Ooloi are the genetic masters of the Universe.  The tentacles are sensory organs which are used to heal genetically.  The eyeballs were my own touch.  It is fitting there is a spaceship leaving the Ooloi behind.  This is the life mission of the Onkali -- find other words and soak up all the new genetic material.  Onkali have no world of their own -- they travel the galaxy finding new worlds and new genetic knowledge.

I added lots of sparkle to the various seams and plants on Janet's world.  There are stars and thread work in the sky.  I don't know if it will show up in the photograph, but does in person.

This was a very fun project and I hope Janet is happy with her alien world.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

New Block

Now don't faint from getting two posts from me in one week (LOL).  On one of the lists I belong to, we have a challenge to do a large crazy quilt, close to 60 inches, with our slogan being C-Q in 2-0-1-2 -- the year it needs to be finished.  I decided my Fantasy Quilt blocks would work for this challenge and hopefully the challenge would spur me on to actually working on this project.

To that end, I commissioned my friend Janet to paint an alien for me.  I asked that he not be cartoonish and that he seem like a real person, like one of "my people" and I wanted him to hiding in the forest.  I think she did a fantastic job.  In this photograph (which doesn't show true color, since we have not had any sunshine for weeks on end) you cannot see the pale green highlights and shading that makes him so life like.

I very highly recommend Janet's work.  My piece was painted on black silk.  The painting does not change the hand of the fabric at all.  I am also lucky enough to have a second piece from Janet, a beautiful owl.

If you look at the upper left hand corner of the block, this is my first attempt at a Judith Baker Montano fan swirl.  Not too bad for a first try.  I have both the DVD and her newest book Montano Montage.  The directions that helped me the most were in the book.  I later tried to do one of her pieced mitered angle blocks and completely blew it!  I guess I need more practice with them.

Have a good weekend.  We're set for more snow (continued grey skies) starting tonight and going through most of the weekend.  That means I should be able to make more progress on these blocks.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Blank Space on Blocks #3

Time now for the last installment of what to put on those big blank spots on your blocks.  Offering No. 1:

Another feather stitch spray, this time done with perle cotton and using a small chain stitch on the ends of some of the sprays and a little bead on other ends.  Fills up some space nicely and lets you use beads (always a good thing).  If you notice, I always try to use contrasting colors in my embroidery threads so that the stitching shows up against the background of the block.  You're going to all the trouble of doing this embroider, you want it to show up and not blend in.

Offering No. 2:

A small piece of lace that is beaded.  This is fairly wide lace, about 4 inches I believe, but a little piece like this adds a lot of interest to an oddly shaped patch.

And last but not least:

A lace rose motif that has been painted, and then the center beaded.  Long tendril type vines and leaves have been added to fill up the space.

I hope these examples have helped some of you with filling up the patches you need to do on your swaps, etc. 

Once again, thank you all for your comments and for visiting.  Tomorrow (hopefully) I'll have some pics of what I did over the weekend -- when I actually worked on stuff for ME.