Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blank Space on Blocks #2

Hello everyone.  Here's Part 2 of how to fill up those blank spaces on your blocks.  Of course, the best way to not have big blank spots is to keep your pieces small. That means lots of trimming as you are piecing your block.  But sometimes that doesn't always work, and besides, it can be fun to showcase your embroidery skills or a special bit of lace or tatting.  So today's examples feature silk ribbon embroidery.

Two silk ribbon spiderweb roses, complete with leaves and pearl buttons.  This is a nice treatment for a smallish patch.  There are several tutorials on the web for the spiderweb silk ribbon rose and this is very easy to do.

The next example is a flowing vine.  The vine is made with regular floss, leaves are silk ribbon.  Lots of little beads to add some sparkle.  This is a good treatment for a long, skinny type area.  Lightly sketch the vine with a chalk pencil or disappearing marker.  Remember not to use an iron when you have used one of these markers, as heat can sometimes set the ink and it will not come out.  Again, if some of your patches are made of fabrics other then cotton, be sure and test the markers on the seam allowance.


Karen said...

Love this vine Lesa! Very pretty!

SH Sue said...

Both ideas are lovely. I especially love the vine idea. I tend to use the feather stitch alot.

Judy S. said...

Thanks for the reminder to combine floss and ribbon, Lesa. Nice roses; did you use a varigated ribbon?

Maddie Can Fly said...

Yes, I use a varigated ribbon. The ribbons used in this set of roses came from Pat Winters.