Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21

It's been so long, once again. About 4 weeks ago, I fell down the concrete stairs coming into the building at work and completely tore up my foot and ankle. Nothing major broken, but extreme swelling, 3 broken toes, a HUGE fat, fat foot that was the most lovely shade of purple (both top and bottom) for several weeks. Since it was my clutch foot, I could not drive or hardly walk for 4 days and then I've been hobbling around ever since. No celebrating the 4th of July -- just sitting around with my foot up in the air and an ice bag on it. Finally getting better.

While I was supposed to be off my foot (yeah, right!), I made up two blocks for the CQForNewbies Season to Season swap. Right now we're starting with the Summer season. You embellish one half the block, then trade and someone else finishes it, while you finish their block.

I did two blocks as I am the hostess and I had to be prepared in case an odd number of people joined up.

I also received this gift from my dear friend Mary in Louisiana. We'd been discussing covering the little Altoid tins and I guess I asked so many questions that she was nice enough to send me one so I could see it up close and personal (LOL). It even has my initial on it. And as if that wasn't enough -- she sent me two of her beaded motifs. I definitely see more CQ blocks in my future so I can take advantage of these great beaded paisleys. Thank you again Mary!

And last, but definitely not least -- I bet you didn't know that a chair rung could be a pillow? My little wild kitty was very good while my foot was so messed up. She sat very close to me for days on end and was a very sweet companion.

At one point, I had my foot up on a TV tray and Madeline jumped up on the tray right by my foot. I was immediately on guard -- scared she would hit my foot -- but she didn't. She layed down, very close to my injured foot, and put one of her soft little paws ever so gently on my foot and would give it a little pat. Then she's sleep a little, wake up, and put her little paw, once again very gently, on my foot and give it a little pat.