Monday, June 02, 2008

New Week

I had new windows put in over the weekend. Now I can open up a window and keep Madeline in and the bugs out (LOL). Madeline followed the installer all around the house at each window hissing at him. The poor man was afraid of cats -- guess she picked up on that. She wore herself out and had to take a long nap. (This is not one of the new windows -- could only afford to do the front half of the house).

Since I was trapped in the house with the window installer, I worked on Come Into the Garden Maude. This is it with all the embroidery done -- now it's time for the beading. I don'tknow if you can tell from the picture, but I used almost every single metallic thread I owned. Here's a pic of some of them. I bought this cheese box at an antique store, thinking it would hold all my metallic threads -- BIG LAUGH! It only holds about half of them. The 2nd picture is the rest of them, still living in the thread box.

And I'll leave you with some close ups of Maude -- flowers and the fairy. For those of you just tuning in -- all the picture elements on the quilt are "fussy cut" from other fabrics. The whole scene is collaged onto a crazy quilt background -- everything hand sewn. The fairy, little mushroom house and the owl are stamped (rubber stamps) and then hand colored. (Do you notice my bullion stitches (purple) on the right hand side near the tree and fairy?)


Judy S. said...

Hi Lesa, I especially like the sunflowers on your garden block! That is a gorgeous you happen to know the name of it? I've never seen on that color.

Your Maddie is a cutie!

Judy S. said...

PS Hi Again, Thanks for visiting my blog! That really is an easy shawl pattern as it tells you exactly when to do what....I found it and the yarn at yarnmarket. com although the pattern was linked to Crystal Palace. I have made several scarves using just the Little Flower yarn and that was fun, too. (They're in several earlier posts.) I love both the kid mohair and the Little Flower and together they're great...lots of colors to choose from also. Have fun!

Gerry said...

I can hardly remember what it's like to be able to open a window. Damn humidity. LOL.

Maddie looks like she's enjoying it to! Great sparkly.

Pretty garden block!!!

Gina E. said...

I was given a heap of metallic threads to play with, and have only used them once or twice, in conjuction with regular floss to 'liven' up a cross stitch project. I keep forgetting I've got them in my stash! And I haven't got any imagination or creativity in me (always follow patterns faithfully), so if they don't specify metallic, I don't use! (dull, I know)