Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Back!

Hello everyone. I'm back from my trip to visit Crazy Judyth. It was a fast trip, but so much fun. She taught me how to do bullion stitches (probably spelled that wrong, but you know what I mean). Here's a pic of my practice ones after I got home. Took me a couple of tries to remember how to start so don't look at those (LOL). Not too bad for a lefty. We went shopping at all of Judyth's favorite spots and found some great stuff. Of course, she has more stuff then any of the stores and once again, I had fun just looking at her things, helping her organize a little and just talking the time away.

When I got home, this beautiful thing was waiting for me. In real life, it's more orange then it shows here. This was the first time this bloomed. I got to enjoy it exactly one day before storms moved in and beat it to the ground.

While I had some time off from work, I played with my fabric dyes. Here's a sample of my first efforts. Like a silly, I didn't get any yellow -- don't know what I was thinking! I only had red, green and blue. So I'm a little limited on the colors right now. But I have lots of old lace and fabric to practice on.

Madeline stayed with "grandma" while I was gone and was not a happy camper. She hissed at my mother, would not go to bed, hid behind furniture and curtains. It's not like she doesn't know my mother, since we visit almost every weekend. I guess she thought she had been abandoned and just wanted to be left alone. Silly girl. Now that she's back home she's very well behaved, very lovey-dovey -- gee, maybe I should have left her a long time ago (LOL).
Here she is sitting quietly looking out the sewing room window while I work on things. Usually she's up on the sewing machine, or pulling pins out of the pincushion, or jumping on my back, or doing various other little Maddie things. I have more pics of other things I worked on, but this entry is long enough for now. Later!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Geez, I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. I'm sorry if you've been stopping by and seeing the same old post on the page. I know I just hate that when my favorite blog has nothing new for me to read.

I don't know where all the time went to, but I've been busy planting a garden (sweet corn, bush beans, green peppers, tomatoes) and tons and tons of flowers and native grasses. This entailed a lot of digging, hauling, more digging, more hauling, but I think I'm finally finished with the heavy part.
I've also gotten some orders for more baby quilts. These are not my most favorite things to do, but hey, it's money and it pays for more dirt (LOL). Here are some very bad pictures -- taken quickly as these quilts were ready to be picked up in less then 5 minutes. The order this time was for boy quilts. I still have two more to do. The boot quilt has words embroidered on the borders, like Yee Haw, Rodeo, Cowpoke, etc. The race car quilt has words embroidered on the sashings like Vrooom, Race Car, Green Flag.

I will be on a little vacation next week. I'm going to see this person. We always have a great time. Plus, she has some fibers and things I need to get back to my Dark Tower project.
Madeline will be spending the night with "grandma" which should be interesting as she's never spent the night away from me or her house and my mom, although an animal lover, is more of a dog person and a little afraid of Madeline's wild ways. But I think she'll be good, don't you? I mean, look at that sweet little face.
I'll be back a lot sooner this time (I promise), and with time off I should be able to catch up on my other projects -- Maud and the Dark Tower.