Friday, April 25, 2008


Very, very slow work on Maude's garden. A little flowery vine appears on the rock wall.
We've been having lots and lots of rain here lately. So much rain that our ground is absolutely saturated and the water has begun seeping into my basement/garage area. No damage or anything -- just a little trail of water running to the garage door (I have no drain in my basement -- don't ask! I didn't build the house, just bought it very used). I need dirt around my foundation.

So after moving things around and wading through the mud, I have a very large order of dirt coming tomorrow. Saturday is the only day of the next 5 where there is no rain so I'll be slinging dirt like a mad woman (LOL). It's a lot more work building my own gardens then building Maude's.

Tiny silk flowers around the pond. Lots more work needed.


Judy S. said...

Hi Lesa,
Thanks for the explantion! I love the frog on the block, and your flowers are so pretty. Are the rocks part of a print, or are they made somehow?

Happy Gardening, and here's to dry, sunny weather!

Gerry said...

This is a darling block. I love the frog.

Hope it dries out for you soon!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Hi Judy, yes the rocks are part of a print. I just fussy cut around it to make a wall like shape.

Lynn said...

WOW, This is great, I love the rocks and the froggie...cant wait to see it finished. thanks much for sharing.

Susan said...

I love this block. You've been doing some very pretty things while I've been offline!