Thursday, November 01, 2007

Whose Room Is This and GIVE AWAY

It can't be mine. In my room, you can't see the floor. You can't walk through it without tripping over something. Every surface is piled so high you can't tell there's even a surface to work on. But after a half day's work, I think this just might be my room (LOL). Look how you can see the floor. And the tabletop with only one project on it. Looking good!

In fact, it looked so good, that I quickly ran out and shut the door so it would stay that way.
In honor of cleaning up the room and since I am List Owner of CQForNewbies, I have three fabric packs to give away. These packs have large fabric scraps suitable for crazy quilting -- silks, fancy fabrics, maybe a piece or two of nice cotton, but mostly fancy fabrics. Just leave a comment and on Monday I'll have someone at work pick 3 numbers and they will be the owners of some fancy fabric.


Lauri said...

Your room looks great! I guess I SHOULD clean up my sewing area.
Maybe in the next 6 months
Good job

Gerry said...

Very nice job! But honestly, is it messy already? LOL. You know what they say about those who keep a clean desk (ha, ha)!

Ira said...

You are very very brave person.
You need now to remember where you put all stuff. I don't remember.
Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Nice clean room, but sometimes, don"t you prefer an "organized mess", then you don"t have to keep saying, "gee, where did I put that when I cleaned"? Love the things you have hanging on your walls! And please enter my name in your contest. Thanks, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Great job cleaning up your sewing room! I need to do that too! Maybe after Christmas,LOL!
Laura from Texas

piney cq said...

Hi, Lesa! Great job! I better get busy, myself!!! Or....could you come help! ROFLOL!!!

If you could, please enter my name in! Thanks so much! Leslie

Unknown said...

Lesa your room is looking better than mine right now. Since I just moved I decided I am not going to bring everything out I will just empty things as Ineed This way i have no mess. Think it will work?

Oh and yes please enter me in your drawing.

Malla said...

You are SO organized that this must be a fake photo! Quite an example for me to organize my own sewing room. But I'm a messy person... The tidyness won't last, so I do not photograph, neither let anybody in!

Anonymous said...

Very nice room and what a great sewing machine. So are you like me? I can find most anything in the chaos of my sewing room, but once I clean it up, I can't find anything!
Judi in Gig Harbor

pineapple_ing said...

Lesa, Lesa.. Please tell me.. How long did it take to get it all cleaned up and so neat? Did you happen to take a before picture? And tell me.. Since the day you got it all nice and neat, have you gone back in to work on something? And does it still look the same today as it does in the picture? ~Ing-quisitive ~Ing *needs* to know! LOL! Hope to win a "give away"
Hugs, Ingrid aka ~ Ing ;)

Anonymous said...

love your room! I am working on being able to walk in my space too! Good job!