Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dark Tower

I've been working on a new background for the Dark Tower. Please excuse the pins, but I'm not ready to sew it down yet until I decide if I like it. And the tower isn't sewn on either, just laying there. This is the 2nd time I put it together -- Madeline had quite a few "let's slide across the sewing table, wheeeeee, isn't this fun" moments. So what do you all think? I have this vision in my head but just can't get it out (LOL). And this isn't the vision either, but I'm getting closer -- maybe.

And I did hear back from Quilting Arts magazine and once again I am a reject (LOL). So that's two strikes from them and I'm not hanging around for the third strike. So I'll soon be telling the story of the little ghost girls and Emma Violet (which you can see in the post of October 29th).

And I also need to hear from Laura in Texas about your give away prize. You came through as "anonymous" so I have no way to getting in touch with you. Please email me at niteshadoe@aol.com to claim your baggy.


Susan said...

I like the background, but I liked the first one you posted, too. I don't have your vision in my head, but I'm thinking, from the two backgrounds, that it has something to do with a sunset. =)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Yes, the sunset. I love the color scheme, but think it would be nice to do it in a more horizontal layout... darker shades at the bottom, up through oranges (sunset), then lighter to darker sky shades... with a splash of golden sunet??