Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mardi Gras Block Home

About a year ago, we had a round robin at CQForNewbies and my block was a Mardi Gras one. It has finally made its way back home and isn't it gorgeous? I forgot my paper that had everyone's name that worked on it so I'll have to edit this later, but I'm totally in love with how this turned out.
Look at this seam treatment. And the feathers on the charm are dyed. Sorry for the glare, but these are silk/fancy fabrics and they are hard to photograph. And more close ups:

My little Maddie cat has been sickly. Seems she has an internal parasite. Since she's an indoor cat, the vet thinks she got it from eating flies. Yep, she's quite the fly catcher (and eater). Now we get to take mega doses of an antibiotic for 13 days and hope that our next sample comes back clear. Meanwhile, she's very droopy (very un-Maddie-like) and she decided the priority mail box that came yesterday was the best place to nap.


Gerry said...

Great block! But a year - WOW. Glad to hear Maddie is getting back on her paws :-)

Chelle said...

The block turned out great, very appropriate for your theme. Enjoy!

Poor Maddie, hope she recovers quickly.

Hello, Maddie? Flies = icky! :o)

Jane said...

Your block is great.. looks just like a Mardi Pardi with all the glitz. Maddie is definatly laying low by the looks of the pic. I am sure she will be back to herself soon..

Anonymous said...

All I can say, Lesa, is: "Do you make house calls?" My stash corner could sure use a cleaning like yours! And Maddie steals the show, of course.
Karen in OH