Monday, October 29, 2007

#2 in Series Done

Awhile back, I showed you this picture. I call this type of photo transfer my little "ghost girls." I told you there would be a series of them. Well, this is Jean and Buster at Buster's birthday party (that's why he's wearing the party hat). Got Jean all done and binding completed.

I've been working on #2 in the series -- Emma Violet. She's also a "ghost girl." I'm only going to show the pics for now, no explanations or stories because I am getting ready to submit these to Quilting Arts magazine for a possible article. Wish me luck! A year ago, I submitted a quilt for their calendar contest. They were kind enough on the rejection letter to tell me it was a very pretty quilt and they'd like to see more from me. But it was a rejection letter and I didn't make it in the calendar quilt contest. So let's see if they like the little ghost girls.
Here is Emma Violet:


Charlene ♥ SC said...

Don't know how I missed this (or don't remember), but they are great. I can only imagine the story... BEST of luck; though you don't need it. You're so creative and talented!

Susan said...

Love these blocks! Best of luck getting in the magazine, as I want to know the stories!