Friday, September 28, 2007

What Is It?????

It's a LOBSTROSITY! Made for me by my buddy Charlene. Charlene does wonderful tatting and also crochet. Charlene and I are reading the Dark Tower series of books by Stephen King and my plan is to make a quilt from this series of books. So Charlene blessed me with a Lobstrosity and I absolutely LOVE him! He's quite large -- maybe 8 inches of so and will "make" the quilt. After all, who else will ever have a Lobstrosity like this one? (LOL). Thank you SO much Charlene!
And on an added note, did you happen to catch sight of the moon the other night? A real "Reap Moon" hey?

Friday, September 21, 2007

First Show

Our first show was last weekend. It was an outdoor show where you put up your
own tent. It was a rather chilly morning (around 40 degrees, brrrr) and very dark and gloomy. Good thing we had lots of bright colored things huh? It did spit rain for about an hour or so.
There were a few shoppers braving the cool temps and drizzly rain and mom and I were making change and wrapping up purchases with our gloves on (LOL). Then around 11:00, the sun came out and things started warming up a little. Then a LOT more shoppers started arriving.
This was my mom's first show since her hip replacement (she fell and broke her hip in May of this year). She did very good with her cane -- able to get around on the uneven outdoor surface.
We did very well at the show. Everyone has been talking about how bad the economy is and whether the craft shows would do very good this year. At this show (at least), we had nothing to complain about.
Due to mom's surgery this year, we have limited the number of shows we're doing. Last year, we did 13 shows (WAY too many for me -- who also has to work full time). This year, we're only doing 5 shows. I just hope the other 4 are as good as this show was.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is it Fall?

Another September 11th has come and gone without incident. On the original 9/11, I was at home. I had just purchased my house and had a few days off to move. This past 9/11, I had to work and I kind of held my breath all day. If an attack or something were to happen, I'd be stuck here at work, with these people I work with, not where I would want to be or who I would want to be with in case of a disaster.
Did I tell you my parents wedding anniversary is September 11th? It is. Over 50 years now. My father always had a hard time remembering the day -- no more. I also have a niece who was born on September 11th and this was her first birthday.
As is so typical in my part of the country, we jump from one season to another in the space of just a few hours. Seems like one day the heat index was 104 and the next morning it was only 50-some degrees. Nothing gradual -- just out and out BAM! Fall is here starting right now. I know so many of you love the Fall and the cooler temps, but I get depressed. Fall means winter is around the corner (See above -- One day it will be in the 70's and the next morning minus 10). Seems like I waited and waited for summer to get here, to have nice warm days (I love weather in the 90's, even with our high humidity here), then it seems like I blink my eyes and summer is over. Where did it go so quick? Why does it seem like winter lasts 13 months and summer only 1?

Fall also means the start of my craft shows. This year not quite as many shows since my mother is recovering from a broken hip/hip replacement surgery. I decided she needed to start out slower, not one show every single weekend. Plus it's easier for me as I work full time and my boss does his best to deny each and every vacation day asked for (in fact, he's working on a plan to do away with ALL paid holidays and vacation pay -- no work, no pay -- so that will give you a clue as to my next big project (LOL)).

So I hope all of you are enjoying the cooler weather and everyone has a good weekend.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Been Busy

I'm still working my fingers off getting things ready. Here's another couple of little fairy boxes. I have several people here in the area that really love my fairy things and follow me around to the different shows just for the fairy items. Gee, aren't I lucky I have "groupies?" (LOL)

I also put this little door hanger/pillow fairy on ebay to once again test the waters -- that and the fact that ebay is having a special on the listing fees. I think I just squeeked under the wire (LOL). Anyway, it's item #270163074161 if you'd like to see another picture of it or just follow along.