Monday, July 30, 2007

Lazy Weekend

A nice long lazy weekend without many chores (only mowing the lawn and a little grocery shopping). Since the bunny quilt blocks are done and I'm okay on inventory for the craft shows, it was time to play. First off, an Egyptian block made for a friend. I had this pieced for the Egyptian swap, but didn't have time to finish it for the swap. But there was plenty of time to finish it for a friend (g)

Next, this little quiltie. I love these prints of little girls. I have several of them and want to do a series of these quilts. I actually know (or know of) the women who were once these little girls. This is Jean and her dog Buster. And a close up of some of the beading. It was fun. The next one I've got pieced is Emma Violet. And yes, there really was an Emma Violet. She was a twin. Her sister's name was Ethel Rose.

And just to show you what a lazy weekend it was, here's Madeline, supervising from the window sill. In the background is one of my flower beds. The white stuff is Snake Be Gone. I saw a snake while mowing and I now have my "magic lines" of white powder to keep them away from the house. Hope your weekend went as well as mine!

Friday, July 27, 2007


A big Woo-Hoo! I have FINISHED the bunny blocks. This is the last one. Another bunch of blind little bunnies (LOL). I do intend to use beads and embroidery for their eyes, but I wanted to get them all done before I gave them expressions.

I probably won't set the quilt into a top until later this year, as my craft shows will soon be coming up. Thanks to this blogging thing, I was able to keep at this and actually meet a goal of doing one block a month. This is the first block of the month kit that I've ever finished the blocks, and yes, I have a whole file cabinet full of "blocks of the month" I've collected over the years. Maybe next year, I'll start with another one and since I have a commitment to all of you and this blog to show my progress on things.

What's up next? Back to something for me -- my fantasy quilt. This is the next block. Isn't she pretty?

Thursday, July 26, 2007


I hauled my big Janome 6600 out to the kitchen table to work on my commission quilt. I have to move the machine because the table in my sewing room is too piled up with stuff to maneuver a big quilt around. It's actually easier to haul the big machine to the other room then it is to clean off the table in the sewing room -- I'm sure many of you can relate to this (g)

Look at my little helper! She has to have her nose in everything. I think all my work wore her out (LOL). This is not the commission quilt -- this is just one I have around the house that I use to practice my machine quilting on.

I got a new laptop for home use. I haven't had a computer at home for several months now. The Mac I bought back in 1989 finally died. It was very sad. I couldn't afford the Mac I wanted, so I'm making do (fighting with) a regular PC. But I'm lucky in that we have the nicest computer tech at work who has the patience of two saints -- bless him!

If you're interested, I have several lots of some vintage trims (embroidered, pom pom ball fringe, etc.) up for sale in the Etsy shop. I'm selling these for a friend. The link is over on the right -- go take a look if you're into vintage trims.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Heart for a Friend

Got some news last week that a cyber-friend was in need of some support and comfort. So I made this heart. It's a surprise so that's all I'm saying about it right now, but I did want to see some CQ work, since it seems to have been a while.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Finally Friday!!!

This week is finally over. Not much quilty or artsy has gone on this week. I managed to somehow zap my satellite dish (repairman came 2 days later -- 2 days with no TV), the refrigerator was making horrible noises, but has now calmed down to its usual dull roar (ha!), and Madeline is still her wild, crazy self.
Here's a picture of a little homeless man I feed. He started sleeping under my porch steps last winter when it was bitter, bitter cold. When I would come home and start up the driveway, he'd run away. I felt so bad for him being out in the bitter cold. I started leaving food for him. It's taken about 9 months for him to trust me and actually come when I call. He lets me pet him as long as I have nothing in my hands -- anything in my hands (mail, newspaper, watering can) and he runs, so obviously he's been mistreated in the past.

He reminds me very much of my sweet Wendy (Miss Piggy) who passed away two years ago this August.

So I continue to feed Little Homeless Man. He now sleeps on the porch or the back deck. Madeline delights in sitting in a chair by the door and keeping a very sharp eye on him. He politely ignores her.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Almost DONE!

Here is my next to the last bunny block. This is June's block and yes, it was done in June. Just took me this long to get a picture taken. Now do you kinda see why it's taken me so long to get this block of the month in gear? I already have the last block prepped and ready to be appliqued and then you'll hear me scream for joy that I've actually finished a block of the month project. What we won't talk about is the filing cabinet full of other BOM's that haven't seen the light of day for (mumble, mumble) years.

Work is getting more and more stressful. We have a major case going on and it's a major headache. No time off for the next 2 to 3 months (why do these things always happen during summer in the prime vacation months?). So to console myself (LOL) I went shopping at Pat Winter's Gathering ( site and got this:

I ordered the one on the left -- don't ya just love those silk ribbons? I thought these little chicks would go good with my bunnies. And since Pat is one of the most generous people around, she sent the other as freebies.

Monday, July 09, 2007

I'll Show You Mine. . . .

There's been some pictures posted lately of sewing rooms. Gerry's ( is here. I'd like to challenge Charlene ( to show us her room and anyone else that'd like to show us where you do your best work, join on in. 'Chelle ( I'm still waiting to see what stash you picked up from your recent needlework show.

Here's my threads I organized. Now, this is not ALL my threads, only the specialty ones -- like silk, perle cotton (hand dyed), my Sampler hand-dyed embroidery floss, and other hand-dyed floss. This is six BIG rings with lots of baggies on them. This thread rack is the extra one for my regular sewing threads. There are two other racks like these packed full. Then there's my DMC embroidery floss -- about 6 of the match box car organizers full. Yep, I think I'm covered in the thread department (g). So why did I go and join that thread club for Weeks Dye Works?

Now here's something really shameful. My fabric closet. This is supposed to be the linen closet so I thought it only fitting that fabric should be kept in it (you know, linen -- fabric -- same thing right? Well, close enough). The shelves in here are about 4 feet deep. The fabric is packed in in double rows. This is a lot of fabric. And as you can see, it's falling out of the bottom shelf. The top shelf is my precious bits and pieces that I can't bring myself to cut (Hoffman's and the like). The middle shelf is holiday, mostly Halloween and Christmas. The bottom shelf is everything else. Here's a close up of the bottom shelf --

-- where you can see how it's all stuffed in there in double rows. I guess I should be thankful that the shelf is still in position.

And last but not least, here's my bead stash. My bead stash sits on top of a huge pile of Sterlite containers that hold my fat quarters. The case on the left, underneath the pile of fat quarters (after all, they won't fit in the drawers OR in the closet!), is my most recent purchase. There are 5 or 6 plastic bins that slide out and each bin has 36 divided compartments that are full of more beads! No, I didn't need more beads, but when I went to JoAnn's they were clearing these out and I could not resist the price. And after all, what's a few beads more or less?
So that's my room, my stash, my treasures. And what does your room look like?