Friday, May 25, 2007

Quilt Show

At the beginning of this month, I attended a quilt show in my area. I got to see lots of gorgeous quilts, including a showing of the Women of Biblical Proportions. It is a smallish show, but the quilts were outstanding.

Of course, you can't go to the quilt show without checking out the vendors. One great vendor (Bead Ranch) had lots of beads and these beautiful dyed lace motifs.
I bought the peacock in both the colored version and in pristine white -- such a neat motif I just couldn't resist!

I also live fairly close to Florilegium, a wonderful store that has tons of hand-dyed silk ribbon, yarns, buttons, anything and everything to tempt your pocketbook. Since I am sadly lacking in the silk ribbon department, I had to come home with some of these. The little bundles are multi-yarn/ribbon assortments and I can't wait to use them in a project. The braided skeins are silk floss. I told myself I was going to break out of my blue/purple rut, but you can see that I didn't do too good (LOL).
So that's where my money has gone this month!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Spring Fling - Part 2

Here's my latest block for our Spring Fling swap at CQForNewbies. These little blocks were so much fun to do. I got the strawberry print fabric from Crazy Judyth who sells recycled fancy fabrics for CQ. I embroidered the strawberries and the hoe and the vine meandering all around is in silk ribbon. The big strawberry is beaded with clear glass beads for a sparkly look.
I am one of the List Owners for CQForNewbies, a Yahoo group. If any of you would care to join us, just go on over to Yahoo and sign up. We're a very talkative bunch there (be warned!), but we do have a lot of fun and lots of swaps and encouragement.

This second block, with the ants and bugs, is for a special friend. Since she doesn't read my blog, I know I'm safe posting it here. But if you have figured out who this is for, don't tell her, as it's meant to be a surprise. I think she will really like it.
My mother's hip replacement surgery went well and she's now home and going to outpatient therapy. She gets her staples removed tomorrow and hopes that gives her more mobility. The swelling is still there and just doesn't seem to want to go away. The therapist tells her that's par for the course.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

7 Things MeMe and My Mom

My first tag! It comes from Charlene at

I'm supposed to list 7 things about me -- hmmm.

1. I love living alone and will never live with anyone else (except Madeline) again.

2. I dream of the day when my time is my own and I don't have to give it to someone else (job). However, being of the generation I am, I don't think I will ever get to have a retirement unless I win the lotto.

3. I am the most impatient person in the world.

4. I am left handed and my elbows are double jointed. I can turn my hand and arm into weird positions. I would do this in front of my brothers when we were little and make them sick.

5. I am sort of introverted and don't talk much on first meeting people. This freaks a lot of people out, they think I'm snotty or bored with them or just totally uninterested, so I have to make an effort to actually talk instead of just listening to everyone else and taking everything in.

6. I love to go on car trips. I love to drive (fast) on the highway and can drive for hours and hours on the highways. (Gee, must have been all the road trips my parents took us on when young. My dad would drive for a solid two weeks).

7. I don't like ice cream.

Now I'm supposed to tag some other people -- I'll start with JK (

News on my mother: she had hip replacement surgery and the surgery went well. She wasn't moving very good for the first 3-4 days, but now it's getting better. She's determined to be up and move around and do all the things she did before, so that's over half the battle. Of course, insurance kicked her out of the hospital in about 4 days so she's at a Rehab Center and is wanting to come home. She takes her therapy very seriously.

I sell at craft shows with my parents. I'm a little worried about some of the outdoor shows with the uneven ground, etc. that goes along with outdoor shows so if anyone has any hints, do's or don't's that you can pass along, I'd sure appreciate it.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Time Off Right Now

I'm taking a little time off here. My mother fell and broke her hip and is getting a partial hip replacement. So I'm needed -- my father is a little lost (g).

As soon as things calm down, I'll be back with some pictures of blocks, purchases from the quilt show I attended and other things.

Hopefully, I'll see you all "real" soon.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Spring Fling

At CQForNewbies (where I am one of the list owners), we're doing a Spring Fling block swap. Here are two of my blocks. I hope to get another two done before the due date. The little flowers on the lace are beads.

Last year, we did blocks with a birdhouse theme. The blocks had to have a birdhouse on them somewhere -- either embroidered, in the fabric, a motif, whatever, but there had to be a birdhouse.

So this year to go with the birdhouse blocks, Spring Fling was born. The blocks have to have something on them pertaining to spring and/or the garden. So that leaves a lot of room for interpretation (LOL) -- flowers, birds, bees, bugs, grass, garden tools, butterflies, etc.
The spider web on this block is done with Sulky Holoshimmer thread. This is the nicest metallic/sparkly thread I've sewn with in a long, long time. Very easy to stitch with, no bending, no shredding and most importantly, no breaking! And it's so, so sparkly. Try some!
If you click on the pictures to get a bigger image, you'll be able to see my chalk marks where I drew the spider web. This will all be brushed away before the blocks are sent out.

UPDATE: I was asked in the comments where you get the Holoshimmer thread. I happened to run into a bag of it in an antique mall of all places. However, you can order it online at If you have a "higher" end needlework/embroidery store near you, you might try and see if they would order for you.