Monday, April 09, 2007


It's official -- spring is over. Not because we've moved to summer, but because we've had 4 days of record breaking LOW temperatures. All the flowers are frozen. All the trees are withered. Everything green is shriveled and laying on the ground. It's not looking pretty out there. Even plants that were tenderly covered and pampered didn't make it. It was just too dang cold for too long for them to survive. And all my tulips had actually bloomed this year and were looking so pretty.

Here's the progress on the fairy that I showed last week or so. She is now embroidered and has a little bit of fabric painting. Now she's waiting to be beaded. The white spaces on her wings will be where I do the beading. I'm waiting on some silk ribbon to finish the flowers on her dress and in her hair.
This is the fairy picture that I transferred by using the wood burning tool (go back a couple of posts and you'll see this).


Charlene ♥ SC said...

...and all the bunches of tiny plums on my trees are now BLACK.

Lovely fairy!!

Crazy Judyth said...

Well, I had typed a fairly long comment and stupid place wouldn't recognize my password. It fits right in with stupid fairy with weird something curling around her eye and stupid car. And stupid Judyth who should have known better than to get on the exerzise bike, but did it anyway. Bring on the good drugs, I need them now.

Thelma said...

Love your fairy. You do such awesome hand work.

JK said...

Hey Kiddo, you have been busy! I really, really like that fae. Kinda sassy like you! ;) Where did you get that pattern?