Friday, April 27, 2007

Maddie Says. . . .

HEY! Who turned off the sun?

It's been chilly, grey, rainy and Miss Madeline is not happy. She loves to spend her day sitting in the open window (or door) soaking up the sun and sniffing all the smells outside. Which helps me, as she's not jumping, climbing or otherwise tackling me when I'm trying to get something done. Do you notice her little "nubbie" of a tail? Madeline is a "pixie bob" which is a fancy way of saying she was born deformed with no tail (LOL). My dad calls her "stump."
Here's my Bunny block for April. A nice small project that I was able to complete very quickly. I only have 3 more Bunny blocks to do before my block of the month project is done. However, these last 3 blocks are DOUBLE blocks -- meaning there's two blocks in each kit. I hope to be able to keep to my schedule and get this done by mid-summer so that after the craft show frenzy in Fall and early Winter, I can then have a quilt top to put together and hand quilt over the winter months. Winter months? What am I talking about? I'm rushing towards another winter!!!!! Forget I said that.

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JK said...

Hey hon, love those little bunnies, and love that Mads!! I didn't know she had a stump tail!