Thursday, April 12, 2007

Block No. Two

Here's block number 2 in my fantasy CQ quilt. The wizard is a rubber stamped image, done using fabric ink. He's then colored in with crayon and colored pencil and embroidery over all that. The far right patch has silk ribbon roses and other leaves and flowers done in #8 perle cotton. I just found a source in my area for the #8 perle cotton and I am loving it! This is a varigated green. I can see where I'll be spending more time (and money) in that shop adding to my collection (LOL).

The crystal ball on the left hand corner is a patch embroidered by my cyber friend, Christine. We have been cyber friends for many years (before she had children and her youngest will be starting kindergarten soon). Christine volunteered to do some of the embroidery on this quilt for me so I very quickly sent her some patches to do (g).
Mr. Wizard is not done yet -- lots more seam embellishment and then, of course, beads, beads, beads.


Gerry said...

This is gorgeous! I always have trouble adding stitches to figures. It never looks 'natural'. Very nice needle work!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Very nice! I know you can't wait to get this all together - or at least I wouldn't be able to. Thanks for keeping us posted!

Thelma said...

Very lovely. Your wizard is awesome. He just sparkles. Can't wait to see him finished.

Ati said...

Again you creating a mysterious atmosphere! very nice!!