Friday, March 30, 2007

Newest Fairy

Wow! Long time no post. Things have been very hectic at work as we have one person who has not been in for over a week now.
But that hasn't stopped me from being busy with my own things at home. Here's my newest fairy. I transferred her from a laser printer copy using a heat tool. As soon as I get a few moments, I'll post about what I use and how it's done. It's the greatest way to transfer images to fabric. They are permanent, even when washed, and it doesn't affect the feel of the fabric.

She is colored with crayons and I have started some of the embroidery on her wings. She'll have lots more embroidery on her wings, then I'll add some fabric painting in the larger areas of her wings. There will be beads, lots of beads and maybe even some silk ribbon embroidery.

I deliberately tried to stay away from my usual colors of blue/purple, and am making this fairy more peachy/green colors. We'll see how she turns out.

Spring has certainly sprung here in my area, hope it has in yours. The tulips are blooming and so are the trees. Of course, last night we had a very heavy thunderstorm so most of the blooms are off the trees now, but that's a lot better then all that snow and ice.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Pet Food Recall

I'm sure many of you watched the news about the pet food recall in absolute horror. Especially as many of the brands recalled were the high dollar, so called "better nutrition" pet foods.

A little over a year ago, this sweet baby died, in my arms at home, from a "food allergy/sensitive stomach" (Vet's initial diagnosis). What was she eating? NutroMax Cat Food, dry, one of the more expensive pet foods. It's all she ever ate. She didn't even live to be ten years old. Granted, I now have a terrible prejudice against all commercial pet foods (and a vet who wouldn't listen to me about how ill she really was). Since I've deciphered the ingredients in commercial pet foods, I will never feed it to any of my animals.

Years ago, all animals were fed table scraps. Basically, they ate what we ate. The idea of commercial pet foods wasn't even heard at that time. Do a Google search and look for "natural cat food" (or dog food) and you'll find lots of information about what is actually in commercial foods.

What does Madeline eat? Maddie eats Urban King (this is feline -- Urban Wolf is canine) -- -- a natural mix that is added to real meat and/or fish. She loves it. She is extremely healthy (considering she was a shelter cat and came to me very sick and it was a little touch and go whether she would make it). Her vet says she has the clearest lungs and strongest heart he has heard -- especially considering how she started out. I credit the food she eats. Her coat is sooooo soft and shiny and she doesn't shed a ton like my other cats have.

I urge you to visit the above site -- lots of information on nutrition for pets, along with testimonials and pictures. This site pretty much helped me make my decision about Madeline and all future pets I may own.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Block One Done!

I have completed the first block of my Fantasy CQ. This quilt will be for me. The dragon transfer was sent to me in my birthday packages from my CQForNewbies group (thanks Nancy!). I have the full view of the block and then a close up of the beading on the dragon.

The three buttons on the right are more of a light coppery color and not orangish as they look in the picture. I also think maybe the big purple lace needs something else -- any suggestions? The dark purple trim on top of the purple lace came from my friend Crazy Judyth ( (She doesn't carry trims and such, just sent this to me as a gift. She does, however, carry fancy fabrics).

Now for the close up: thanks to the miracle of digital cameras, I can see that I missed a bead on the dragon's wings (LOL). I've sat and looked at the block over and over -- even put on my magnifier to make sure I had all the beads in place. Then this morning when I transferred the pictures, I could see the bead missing. So he's "almost" finished. I need to go home and add that one bead.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Quilting Show

Over the weekend, I saw a really cool quilting show. It's on the local PBS station called "The Art of Quilting." Check your local listings, as it's being shown on different weekends around the country. It features several different art quilters and their quilts. My favorite is Jane Burch Cochran and she is one of the first artists featured. See her work here:

I love all the colors in her quilts, all the embellishments and the way she feels that too much is never enough (LOL). All in all, a great program and if your local PBS station is carrying it, I would highly recommend it.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Under the Wire

First off, thank you to everyone who has left me a comment on my blocks. Seems you all are really loving the fantasy blocks. I've been doing more work on them and hopefully will have pics for you next week.

My other project is my bunnies block of the month project through my local quilt store. Of course, it's now been (ahem!) 7 months since I bought the last block, but hey, I'm getting there. My goal is to do one of these bunnies each month (see, it would have been too normal to have done a block a month when I was actually purchasing them).

So all of this is a long way of saying, look at my newest bunny. He was officially finished February 27th, but I didn't get his picture taken and posted here until today.
And since I was on such a roll, I already have the next block all freezer paper/glued, cut, trimmed and it's all ready to be appliqued. Amazing how much progress you can make on something once you guilt yourself into it (g)