Friday, February 02, 2007

Baby Steps

Here's one of my fantasy blocks I'm starting to work on. Thought I'd show you each and every step until you're bored silly (LOL). I started with chain stitch on each side. The thread on the right is a very pretty hand-dyed green -- don't know why it looks so muddy in the picture -- it surely can't be the photographer! The purple thread is rayon and that was such a joy to work with (not!).

The piece of lace is some of my hand painted lace. I use the paints instead of the dyes.

And the stitching at the top is gold metallic. This is only the bare beginnings of this block. There will be lots more stitching and beading. Where the dragon and the fairy are sitting in the forest, I'm considering extending the "forest" section down into the patch below it with lots of silk ribbon embroidery.

Stay tuned for more progress -- a little bit at a time (baby steps, baby steps).

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Ati said...

I like the picture in the block, it must be a good inspiration source. I keep watching how it turns out.