Friday, September 15, 2006

Maddie's New Friend

Maddie and I recently baby-sat a little 4 month old kitten, Resnick. Madeline seemed to like Ressie right from the start -- no hissy fits or fighting. However, by the end of the week Miss Madeline was missing her daily 10 hour naps! Can you tell by the look on her face she's ready for Ressie to go home?


Charlene ♥ SC said...

I am so happy that you earned this special recognition! Congratulations!!

I can empathize with Maddie - my grandpuppy, 4-5 month old great dane, visited this weekend. I have a 2 year old toy poodle who is very pampered and hasn't been around other dogs much until now. Of course the puppy wants to play, and she's so big the playing must hurt, but she stands or lays without complaint for most it. Her expression is like Maddie - when ARE they going home?

Trixie Lou said...

Girlie, I'm sorry I haven't been on your site for a while. WOW! Your stuff is so beautiful. Of course, I've seen a lot of it firsthand at the shows, right? But I hadn't seen the baby quilts and they are SOOOO special. Just gorgeous! I know who I'm going to for my first grandbaby's quilt (not for another 8-10 years I hope, LOL)

And I read that lady's comments about you and your site on her blog. Congrats, that's really cool! I hope you're catching up with your Halloween stuff, since it seems to fly off the shelves. I'll call ya.