Friday, September 01, 2006

Last of the Baby Quilts

Here they are -- the last of the baby quilts for this year. (I already have some orders for next year).

The cats are my favorite of this bunch.

They are embroidered with stem stitch (by hand). I just made up the piecing pattern with the squares and border fabrics and somehow got it all to fit. I was going for a pretty random look.

The train quilt is just a quilted panel. The backing fabric is railroad ties. I did quite a bit of hand quilting on this one.

Finally, the turtle quilt. I got this picture from a bunch of patterns my mom found at an estate sale. It looked like a very old coloring book page. No book, just this page.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day Holiday. While I am so glad for the holiday weekend (so I don't have to come to work!), I'm always sad at Labor Day because that basically means summer is over. Seems like this summer went by faster than others. I'm not a winter person and am not looking forward to going through another winter.


Charlene ♥ SC said...

As usual, your quilts are lovely. I, too, like the cats one. That turtle reminds me of a cartoon character, slow talking, slow walking of course, but can't exactly place it in time or name. Yes, summer is coming to an end once more, and you will notice more and more how the seasons just seem to slip away... Have a great holiday visit with Judyth!

Susan said...

I have been looking for those cat patterns since I saw them ten years ago. Who makes them? I have a block of the cat in the ball that someone made for me, in a swap, and I saw a quilt using them.