Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Answers to Comments

Hey Everyone

Thanks for reading and your comments. Thought I'd take a moment and answer some of your questions.

The craft shows are doing great! I was afraid with the cost of gas and life in general, that sales wouldn't be very good this year -- but was I ever wrong. I am doing better this year than last (knock on wood). The weather has continued to be pretty good (lots of wind, but the temps are nice and warm and NO RAIN!). I have three HUGE shows coming up here back to back to back, so I'll be working really hard.

Gerry asked how much time I have in my projects -- specifically Wacky Bat. I never keep track of exactly how much time I have in something. I do work fast and when I work on my projects, I work. No playing around, no taking breaks, just get 'er done.

Marcia asked about the thread on the skeleton pillow -- it is not glow in the dark but it sure looks like it doesn't it? It's DMC's new Light Effects thread. I would not use it for a lot of coverage as it feels sort of plasticky, but for little highlights and touches, it makes a great statement.

I was going to upload a picture but Blogger is being very temperamental today. I am currently in a CQ Round Robin and will show you pics of a CQ Box one of the participants made. But we'll save that for next time.

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