Thursday, April 13, 2006

Something's Wrong with Maddie

Yesterday, my little Madeline (whose picture is at the top of this blog) started acting strange -- well, she's a strange little kitty, she started acting stranger than strange. It's like she can't see clearly. Everything in the house "spooks" her and she slaps at normal every day items, then sometimes she'll jump sky high, run and hide. Even the quilt on the bed (where she sleeps every night) had her spooked. She's taken to hiding in the bedroom or under the table by her cat box (both places are rather dark). Of course, I fear the worst and think an 8 month old kitten is going blind!

This all came out of nowhere -- most of the day she was running around like a maniac, climbing, jumping, looking out the window. It was probably around 5:00 that she first became "spooked" -- over my pair of flip flops which had been on my feet all day.

We are on our way to the vet later this afternoon (first appointment I could get). Please think kind thoughts for my little Maddie Cat.

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