Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spring Cleaning

To me, spring cleaning is out with the old and in with the new. The new is my brand new, out of the box, Janome 6600 Professional sewing machine. I LOVE this machine. Soooo many decorative stitches that will come in handy for the commissioned crazy quilt I'm getting ready to start. It even has a built in alphabet with two different fonts. This will be so much fun. I do my own embellishing by hand, but for a big project like this, the embellishing will be by machine. After all, I do have an August, 2006 deadline. If I did it by hand it would take me until August of 2012 (at least).

I realized this blog has probably been a little boring with no pictures, so here's something I made entitled "Spring Fever." I recently listed it on ebay, but no takers. My other two wooden collaged butterflies sold, but not this one.

P.S. The oriental wallhanging a few posts back did sell on ebay when I relisted it. I actually had 3 bidders -- wahooo!! I hope the winning bidder enjoys it.

Monday, April 17, 2006

New Machine!!

I currently own a Janome New Home 3000. Great machine -- no problems whatsoever in the 3 years I've owned it. However, now that I'm really into doing crazy quilting (for hire), I could use a few more decorative stitches. So I'm going Wednesday to look at an upgrade. I'm thinking about the 6500 or the 6600 Janome New Home.

If anyone has any suggestions, comments or (gulp) horror stories of these machines, let 'er rip!!

I am taking the beautiful Sulky thread I bought tons of, a metallic flat ribbon type of thread (to me it looks like tinsel) to see if one of the machines can sew with it. I've never been able to use this thread (since I bought so much of it, naturally I wouldn't be able to use it!). The machine that can tame this thread will be the one that comes home with me.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Our Vet Visit

We raced to the vet in record breaking heat, 91 degrees in April, so that meant A/C on in the car. After a very thorough eye exam (using almost the same instruments used to view the human eye), there is nothing wrong with Maddie's eyes. Physical exam: she is extremely healthy (so the expensive Urban King diet is paying off). Her problem?

The day before she sat in the opened window all day -- and I mean all day, 10 hours. This vet had seen 4 other animals before Maddie with strange behavior and all in good health. Seems this abrupt weather change has psyched our animals out. And it also being the equinox and a full moon. Their little brains are just over-stimulated and they can't calm down. Like the man said, 5 days before we had frost warnings, then we're at 90 degrees -- he said he had a hard time adjusting, why not the animals?

I thought he was grasping at straws, but I followed his advice to darken the room, close the windows and turn the A/C on so there was no outside smells, turn the quilts over to a plain side and it did work. Maddie was most comfortable on the white kitchen floor and actually played with her toys. I had to carry her to bed (apparently the carpet, furniture and other living room items were a little freaky to her), but once in the almost all white bed, she was her old self.

I've had lots of cats, including a pure-bred Siamese and none have acted this crazy. Madeline is definitely one of a kind!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Something's Wrong with Maddie

Yesterday, my little Madeline (whose picture is at the top of this blog) started acting strange -- well, she's a strange little kitty, she started acting stranger than strange. It's like she can't see clearly. Everything in the house "spooks" her and she slaps at normal every day items, then sometimes she'll jump sky high, run and hide. Even the quilt on the bed (where she sleeps every night) had her spooked. She's taken to hiding in the bedroom or under the table by her cat box (both places are rather dark). Of course, I fear the worst and think an 8 month old kitten is going blind!

This all came out of nowhere -- most of the day she was running around like a maniac, climbing, jumping, looking out the window. It was probably around 5:00 that she first became "spooked" -- over my pair of flip flops which had been on my feet all day.

We are on our way to the vet later this afternoon (first appointment I could get). Please think kind thoughts for my little Maddie Cat.