Friday, March 31, 2006

First Commission!

I got my first "commission" job and it's a big one (both size-wise and money-wise)! I'm doing a memorial quilt for a sweet little doggie, Justice, a tiny little Yorkie. Justice passed away early this year and her owner is ready to remember her.

This is going to be a LARGE quilt, 60x75. It will have photo transfers of Justice, her little neckerchiefs, tags, etc.. It will also have transfers of her Certificate of Obedience school (although how much obedience does a tiny 2 1/2 pound doggie need??)

I've made up a plan of 15 inch blocks and am planning on doing them crazy quilt style. This quilt will be for a man so it will be more on the masculine side. I'm thinking machine stitches along the seams but not the feather stitch or anything fancy or fru-fru -- more the bigger, denser, decorative stitches.

The quilt will be tied. Color scheme so far is deep forest green, burgundy, black, cream, navy blue. I will post my progress as I go.

So far, I've just drawn up a colored sketch. Haven't shown it to the "client" yet, but as soon as I have the go ahead -- off I'll go!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

More Fabric Burning

Here's another piece I did with the fabric burning. The photo on this one is much better, I think. I had this for sale on ebay, but as of today (last day of bidding), there were no takers. I used netting on the top (cut away from the picture) to kind of mute the colors a little.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Here's one of my recent experiments. I use vintage photos and burn them onto the fabric with a heat tool. Sometimes it comes out great, other times. . . . . This is Jean and her dog Buster. I call this series my "Weird Little Girls." Some of the pictures look a little spooky after they have transferred.

I know I could do photo transfer, but with the burning, the transfer is totally stable, no bleeding, smearing, and you can wash the heck out of it.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Okay, it's official. The group CQ For Newbies is open and running at Yahoo. This will be a "safe" group where anyone and everyone can play and learn. My friend, JK, has uploaded GREAT lessons on how to piece a CQ and also some seam embellishments.

You don't have to be newbie to join and play -- everyone is welcome. The only criteria is no criticism, as everyone learns together. I've been on some lists where the comments get downright nasty -- she used a plastic charm and I used metal -- I used 4 pieces of lace but she only used three. That stuff won't be tolerated.

If you've always wanted to swap, but didn't know exactly what to do or if you think your work isn't good enough (and it IS good enough!), then this is the place to get your feet wet and have some fun AND you get cool things back.

So if this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, come join JK and I and we'll get our first swap up and running!

Go to Yahoo groups, type in CQForNewbies, sign up, and that's all there is to it. JK and/or I will have to approve you, all that means is we're trying to keep the spammers out.

I hope to see lots of you soon!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

CQ Group

A new cyber friend, JK, and I have come up with an idea for a new group. I've been around the net a few times in various groups and swaps and sometimes, some people you swap with just aren't nice. They're what I call the "new rope" people (you know, they wouldn't be happy if you hung 'em with a new rope ).

So JK and I are going to start a group, a newby group, though you don't have to be a newby to play. It will be a Yahoo group and it will be for swaps for people who are afraid their stuff might not be good enough, or people who have been criticized before, or people who have heard the bickering and arguing going on and are afraid to get into any swaps and just in general, anyone who wants to swap and have a safe, nonjudgmental place to do it.

JK has FABULOUS lessons on how to crazy piece. And when I say FABULOUS, that's what I mean. Complete with pictures and little pointed fingers to show what she's talking about. So keep watching this blog for more details. We're currently working on all the specifics and as soon as we get things together, the scoop will be posted here.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Contest Quilt

Here's my quilt I entered in the Quilting Arts Calendar Contest. The them was "Your Utopia." I chose a land without time because I never seem to have enough time to do what I want to do. Alice is breaking the clocks and throwing them away, therefore, time does not exist. What a luxury!

I used crazy quilt piecing techniques, Alice is a stamp which is colored and then appliqued. There's a bunch of silk ribbon embroidery coming out of the window. All the clocks are beaded and there's lots and lots of embroidery applique. The beading doesn't show up well in the picture. For the contest, I entered a slide, which showed all the detail. But, mine wasn't a winner. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

First Ramblings

My first blog -- well, I had another one but I let it expire, so I'm still counting this as the first one.

I am a very frustrated, struggling artist, stuck at one of the world's most boring job to support myself. I've decided this is the year I DO SOMETHING besides the few art/craft shows I do or resign myself to a boring job and just having a "hobby."

What do I do?

I do altered art, art quilting, some painting (very primitive ), and most anything else that grabs my fancy for the moment.

I entered the Quilting Arts 2006 calendar quilt contest, but my quilt didn't make the cut. I did get a nice letter with the handwritten words "Beautiful quilt -- would love to see more of your work."

I'll post a pic of my entry and let you all decide.