Monday, October 26, 2009

New Machine

Earlier this year, I told my good friend, Crazy Judyth, that if she ran across a working treadle sewing machine, for a reasonable price, to grab it for me. Not only did she manage to get a line on one machine, but she got two machines -- and one of them is mine.

It's a Singer, 1928-1930, and it is a beauty. The decals are Egyptian themed and in such good shape considering it's age. The machine runs like a charm, and would run even better if I could get my feet coordinated (LOL). I went down this past weekend for a viewing and lessons. The machine will be coming home to my house in a week or so -- could not fit it in the toy car for the long journey home.

Here's a few shots of the decals:

The cabinet is in very good shape -- only one little spot on it where it looks like someone set a wet glass, but to me that's nothing. I see lots of fun in my future when this baby comes to my house to live. Gee, do you think maybe I could get Madeline to work the treadle part?


Crazy Judyth said...

Great shots! Even for as dark as my living room is! Are you going to name your machine? I can't wait to get mine up and running. I'm sure that I'll come up with a name for it. But, knowing me as you do, I'm sure you'll agree that it would be better to keep it to myself. ja ja ja. Ooooh, might have another contest to name my machine. Just a thought.
Get to practicing and then show us what you made!!!

Dorothy B said...

Looks like a model 27 - a good one to learn treadling on. More hints at . If you accidentally go backwards you shouldn't get too bad a tangle with this machine. The small bobbin drives me crazy, though, sometimes, so I use a different machine more often, with bigger bobbins.

gocrazywithme said...

Lesa, it's a beauty! I didn't know they came with Egyptian decals like that. Maybe it should have an Egyptian name!

Karen said...

She looks like a beauty! You are farther along then I am, I have not ever used mine! Practice will make perfect my dear! Have fun with it!

Marianne said...

What a beauty! Enjoy!

Charlene said...

Oh, wow - that looks like a work of art as well as it's intended purpose. Great friend, there, Judyth! Bet when you get it going, Maddie will hop on for the ride! Good luck and enjoy!!

Gerry said...

You lucky girl you! It's beautiful. The Egyptian theme is WONDERFUL. Have fun with it!

Ati. said...

How I would like to come over and sew on it. I have owned one too ( but sold it when we moved to Norway).
60 years ago my first sewing was on such a Singer machine, owned by my grandma :)
To treadle: set your right foot on the treadle and only your left fore foot, it goes very smooth than :)

Judy S. said...

Neat machine, Lesa! And I love your birdhouse quilt.