Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birdhouse Quilt

Here it is -- my birdhouse CQ. Since starting CQForNewbies (button to join on the right sidebar), each spring I'd run a birdhouse block swap. Here are all the great blocks I've received through the years, all nicely trimmed to size and ready to be sewn together. I made a few more blocks myself as I wanted 16 and just didn't have the patience to wait until next Spring and another swap. My thanks to:

Row 1: JK, Kathy Shaw, Me and Unknown
Row 2: Kathy Shaw, JK, me and me
Row 3: Me, Kathy Shaw, Christy Thornberg, Janet Popish
Row 4: Me, Faith Debbs, Unknown, Unknown

Some people didn't sign their blocks and I forgot to write their names on it. If you recognize your block, please let me know. EDITED: These blocks are 8 inches finished. This is our (CQForNewbies) standard size block that we swap.

After picking out the above lay-out, it was time to start sewing the blocks together. Here's where I learned some lessons:

We are sewing embellishments way, way too close to the seam line and not leaving enough extra on the blocks for seam allowances. I'm as guilty as everyone else. I have a nice little pile of beads, butterflies, more beads, charms, that I had to clip off the blocks in order to get the seams sewn -- and these were just the things that were in the actual seam line. I had to hand-sew many of the blocks because the beads were too close to the seam line to enable the block to go under the sewing machine. Hand sew. Through all those layers -- sometimes as many as 8.

Then my "assistant" decided to come and see if I had made the right choices in my block arrangement. She needs an up close and personal view.

Okay. What can I say? Things are now totally out of control! Christy, it was the little wooden birdhouse that tipped Madeline over the edge. The little wooden birdhouse that survived the U.S. Postal Service may not survive in my own house!

I have Row 1 put together and will be working on the seams and I'll show the progress for you as I go.


Anonymous said...

Love the birdhouse quilt! what a great job everyone did on it! thanks so much for showing it to us! so glad it is finished!

Lori K

Gerry said...

Oh my goodness, they are just beautiful! What a what a lovely treasure to have.

Have you chosen the border fabric yet? Will it be birds or birdhouses?

Can hardly wait to see it.

gocrazywithme said...

I think you have Christy's and my blocks mixed up in the text of your blog, but you know that Christy's has the wooden birdhouse on it. Love the fabrics and motifs everyone used! That yellow bird print is adorable. This is so pretty just laying on the floor, it will be wonderful when done!

JK said...

Looks fantastic hon. The colors are so pretty together.

I think the last one on the first row is Christy's. I have some of the same fabric from a birdhouse block from her. I can't tell, since I am unable to see it up closer, but it looks like her work.

Charlene said...

wow what a great layout - well it WAS, but I guess since Miss Maddie will be closer to it than me, she sould have the final say-so.

Will be watching for progress!

PS: How have the shows been?

Connie said...

This is sooooo pretty!

Maddie Can Fly said...


I don't think I'll have a border on it. I'm not much of a border person (g) and the size is good the way it is.

Christy said...

Wow, Lesa, it looks great! And what can I say, that Maddie has great taste!

LMAO! Thanks so much for letting me know to check, I'm not much of a blogwatcher these days!

Speckles is going to be so jealous, she wanted that birdhouse too.....


Wilma said...

the birdhouseblocks look great together,I am looking forward to pictures of the finished CQ!

Ati. said...

This becomes a beauty and many good memories from CQ friends!

Ira said...

Great quilt. Beautiful work and lots of memories.