Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Round Robin Starting

On CQForNewbies, we are doing a new round robin -- Fantasy Landscapes. Above is my fantasy land, Midnight in the Fairies Garden. Since CQForNewbies has been established for a little over three years now, we felt it was time to take everyone a few steps further. This is our first RR for more experienced stitchers. A lot of our members have been with us from day one and are ready to take on more challenging swaps.

Now by no means does that mean we are not helping newbies any longer. CQForNewbies is still a newbies group and we still have lots of swaps open to everyone, especially newbies. If you'd like to join us, there's a button on the right for you to click and it takes you right to the sign up page.

Below is the next to the last block in my Birds of a Feather quilt that was supposed to be done much earlier this year. Don't know what happened -- I was doing really good with my block a month and then the bottom just fell out. These are all appliqued blocks using fabrics from my stash. I am currently working on the LAST BLOCK (yahoo!) but it has about a million leaves in it so it's going slow.

Last but not least, is my final block for my Birdhouse CQ. When we first started CQForNewbies, one of our first swaps was a birdhouse swap. I continued this swap each year, always with a birdhouse and/or a bird requirement, and by adding a couple of extra blocks myself, I now have 16 completed blocks and am ready to start setting this together. This will be the first CQ I have attempted to put together and of course, there will be all the seam work and embellishing after the top is complete. Since craft show season is starting up, it may be a while before I can get back to this one.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you to all of you that leave me comments. I try and answer each one but some of you come through with "no reply" which means I have no address for you.


Susan/CqLily said...

Love all the blocks...Your Fairy Garden's colors are beautiful. I loved seeing your applique block and the birdhouses are so bright and cheery! Your things are always a joy to behold!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello from Michigan.

Your stitching and quilting is truly lovely. Your gardens photos are beautiful too.

Thanks for entering my 3rd year blogaversary and leaving me your lovely message. Hugs Judy

Charlene said...

Love your midnight block - can just see the fairies twinkling around... Can't wait to see that appliqued quilt - it is going to be so lovely! So many birdhouse blocks? Amazing how time passes, isn't it? Did you see that Pin Tangle is doing a show-and-tell on putting together a cq? Wow!! Good to see you 'out and about'.

JK said...

Les, I love that birdhouse block! Pretty, pretty! And it has some pink! ;)