Friday, March 06, 2009


Just a short note here today. Here's another little seam/patch treatment for you. It's a piece of flowered trim and I've simply added beads in the center. I "grew" some silk ribbon flowers along the top of the trim to help fill up the space some. This is actually organza ribbon, not silk ribbon. Organza is a little stiffer and as you can see, makes more lily shaped flowers instead of little knot type flowers like the silk ribbon would have done.

For those of you that had questions, if your comment came through with an email address, I emailed you. If your comment shows you as no reply or no email, they I answered in the comments section.

Someone was asking about how I handle the metallic thread and I at first gave a very smart answer about knowing lots of cuss words. Then I started paying attention to how I embroider with the metallic thread. One thing I do: after coming through all layers to the front of the block, I slide my needle between the top fabric and the backing. In other words, my needle and metallic thread do not go clear through to the foundation backing on the block. I think that helps some with the wear and tear on the metallic thread. So try that and see if it doesn't help some of you with your metallic threads.

Now it's almost the weekend and here is Miss Madeline blowing raspberries to everyone.


Judy S. said...

Love the silk flowers, Lesa. This is a pretty block! Your Maddie is such a cutie.

Charlene said...

You are so good at explaining seam treatments - cuss words, indeed!! It's great to see Ms Maddie feeling so chipper - here's one back at her :-%

Gina E. said...

Cuss words - LOL! Thank you for all your photos and descriptions here, Lesa - I am finding it very helpful as I'm a CQ newbie too. I have a similar piece of flower trim to what you have here, and so far every time I have placed it on a block to use it, I wasn't satisfied with how it looked. But adding beads to the center is a great idea - makes all the difference, doesn't it?

Marcia said...

LOL! So you've got the Kliban cat Q-tip holder too! Yes, I do have the pillow slips! I love your work, and your pictures of Madeline. My fav is still the one of her in the shoe box!