Thursday, February 26, 2009

OKAY! I have these first two pics in here so that you can click and make them bigger.
Now let me tell you what they are. This is one of the blocks from my Fantasy CQ. It is a wizard and he is a rubber stamped image, stamped onto fabric and then colored with crayons, colored pencils and now threads and beads. There are so many ways to get an image transferred to fabric. Since I have a rather modest collection of rubber stamps that I love, I've decided to use them in my CQ work.
To stamp on fabric, you need to have a PERMANENT ink. Not dye based, not pigment ink, PERMANENT ink. I used Versa-ink, but there are a couple of other brands. It has to say PERMANENT or you will smear the ink while you're working on the image and that is not good. Also, the dye based and pigment inks will wash away if you get any moisture near the image.
The first picture shows some work done on Mr. Wizard. He is still very much a work in progress. The second picture, you can see how I've worked on his beard. I'm just using a simple back stitch to outline his beard with dark grey thread. I will use a lighter grey thread for highlights and shading inside his whiskers. The floss is just regular DMC embroidery floss. I've also used some Krenik metallic blending filaments (yes, they were a real treat to use and try to keep from fraying) on his robe.
Since I have these pics in here and you can enlarge them, I'm not going to risk adding anymore at this time. I'll post more pictures tomorrow.


tisme said...

I love how you did the wizard!! Now another reason to go to Joanns and look at the stamps. I usually stay out of that dept. but my son is into fantasy and what a great wallhanging I could get out of that idea. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the wonderful job you od on CQforNewbies.

Judy S. said...

That is a very neat idea to use stamps in conjunction with CQ, Lesa! Thanks for sharing. I also appreciate the block-filling suggestions that you and JK are doing.

Ira said...

What a great idea. I love you vizard. Now I must to get a permenent ink. I was used only a fabric paints. They was work well for big pattrens.
Thank you for kind words about my work

Charlene said...

Aren't you just the cat's meow!? "The busiest people get the most done" is what I've always heard -- You're a gem!

shawkl said...

Oh, I have to start collecting rubber stamps! My shelf run-ith over! Seriously, thanks, what an inspiration...and a creative idea. And, the wizard is beautiful!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Thank you everyone! I have loved the wizard stamp for a long time and was so glad to be able to use it in a CQ block. I'm so sorry if I've started you all on a new obsession (yeah, right!).

I also have a dragon that I've stamped but haven't got around to embellishing yet. I've stamped that poor dragon stamp at least 500times on different cards and things.

Lori said...

Your wizard came out awesome! such a lot of work!

Maddie Can Fly said...

Thanks Ira. I too have used the fabric paint on some of my stamped images. Don't anyone feel you're just limited to what I use -- use whatever you have and whatever gets the job done!