Monday, September 29, 2008


Look at this cute, cute fabric that I won in Melissa's giveaway over at My Half of the Brain. I said I could see this in one of my projects, and yes, I can, but which one??? I know first of all, a piece of it will be used in this as I promised to use all my fabrics and not horde some of them. We'll see.

It's only September, but I've been hard at work on Christmas items. My next craft show in October is a big one and it's where I preview my Christmas items. Don't you just love my little helper? She is why a lint brush is a mandatory item in my booth set up! (LOL)
This show is a BIG event and people travel quite a ways to attend. There are about 650 crafters and close to 50 food vendors. Lots and lots of tempting food. The crafters set up their booths in barns or the crafters who opt to go outside set up their little tents on the fairgrounds. Our barn is the Cherry Barn. We're next door to Miss Piggy (a/k/a the Swine Barn). While we do have a tent and do outside shows, we opt to go in the barns. In the last 6 years that we've been doing this show, it ALWAYS rains one of the days. ALWAYS. I'll let you know if this year finally breaks the cycle.


Judy S. said...

Love all your Christmas wares, Lesa, especially the Merry Christmas snowman. Aren't cats something? Ginger is just as helpful as your Maddie; in fact, she's sitting behind me on the chair right now!

Susan said...

I love your wonderful snowmen things, especially the stuffed one. How fun this looks!

Gerry said...

Looks like you're set for the season's shows. The fabric is cool - congrats. Can't wait to see it in a project.

Give Maddie a hug.

Charlene said...

Congrats! Isn't it fun to create ways to use goodies that are a surprise? I know YOU will come up with something Great!! Have lots of fun - and good sales!!