Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Walk Through My Yard

Thought I'd show you my yard. It's been very hot and humid here. First we had 2 months of almost non-stop rain which got all the plants off to great starts. Now it's dry as a bone and I'm hauling water to all my plants and watching big cracks form in the yard. So I thought I'd take pictures before everything dried up and blew away.
These are my wildflowers getting ready to bloom. I threw out a packet of seeds and this is what I got.
Of course, sunflowers. I love the orangish ones the best.
This is my butterfly bush, but somehow that doesn't look like a butterfly does it? (LOL) It's a hummingbird moth. Late in the afternoon a Zebra butterfly does come by and visit.

My little gardening buddy -- Homeless Man. A little semi-feral cat that I feed and he now lets me pet him now and then. He likes to hang out and watch me in the yard. It's so hot that even Homeless Man doesn't want to run from me.

My flower bed. Lots of different things growing here. Don't you love the gargoyle ornament? A gift from my SIL.

Cone flowers. A gift from my mother's garden. Just planted this year and look how they are blooming and loaded with blooms.

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed it. Tomorrow, I'll have pics of Maude's Garden. I've been working on it and I think I've done enough that you can actually see I've done something (LOL).


Judy S. said...

Nice photos, Lesa. I've given up on my sunflowers this year; the one is only about an inch tall. It's just been too cool, I guess. Even the nasturtiums are just pooping along! We even ran the furnace this morning!?

Pat Winter said...

Oh my goodness! You do have a hummingbird moth!!! That is pretty neat to capture isn't it? Yours looks huge!!!! Thanks for letting me know. Lovely flowers!! It is so hot today, in the 90's. I have been floating all morning,but I have had too much sun. Time to cool off indoors and work on some projects.:-)