Friday, July 25, 2008

Maude's Garden

EDITED -- I reloaded the full size picture of Maude's Garden. I was hoping you would be able to click on it now and get the bigger version, but Blogger does not want to cooperate. I'll be adding more to this piece so hopefully next week sometime Blogger will let the pictures enlarge the way they used to.

It's been a little hot and steamy here the last week or so. Maddie has found a cool place to rest for a few minutes. We stayed inside and I worked on Maude, my piece inspired by the Tennyson poem, Come into the Garden Maude.

The full version. I've been doing a lot of beading and then will add anymore stitching that needs to be done. This time I thought about it and started beading from the bottom up. I'm hoping that will save me lots of aggravation from having my threads catch on other beads and charms while I'm working.

I've added the words, which are stamped onto ribbon. The edges of the ribbon were sealed by burning them with a candle (be careful if you try this, some ribbons really flare up, just gently run your ribbon through the flame and do it quickly! and don't do it near your piece or anything else that you don't want candle wax to run onto). The little bird and the fairy have both been beaded. (Do you see the snake's tail that the bird is chasing? Mr. Snake has conveniently found a rock he can hide under -- hope he slithers all the way under before Birdie grabs him).

You may not be able to enlarge the fairy picture -- she was a little blurry (guess I was busy yelling at Madeline or something) so I had to manipulate the picture. But you can see how her wings are beaded.

Thanks for stopping by -- two days in a row! (This is Madeline watching out the side window. She jumps up there, paws the curtain open and then gawks to her heart's content).


Judy S. said...

What a fun block, Lesa! I was unable to enlarge any of the photos unfortunately because I wanted to study the details of your beautiful stitching.

Maddie is watching "kitty TV"! Ginger likes to do that, too, although lately she's taken to blasting through the screen door. Luckily she has no clue about what to do then, but last night she really blended into the dark...naughty kitty that she is! She knows she's supposed to be an indoors cat.....

Judy in Indiana said...

Your work is always beautiful! I'm tagging you with the Brilliant Weblog award!
Judy in Indiana

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

OMGosh this piece is AMAZING! Like you, Blogger fights me at nearly every step so you are not alone there...

hi kitty kitty.

I'm thrilled you stopped by sew that we can 'meet.' YESYESYES, you have EVERY bit of chance as the others to WIN my rag doll, I'm honored you'd like to call her your own. She was a JOY to make.


love & blessings, Monica :)