Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Seam Embellishment No. 8

Walked into work this a.m. and here is a new computer on my desk running Vista. I'm having a hard time finding all my old "stuff" and figuring out how this new "stuff" works, so bear with me.

This week's seam embellishment was one on my Mardi Gras round robin block in my CQForNewbies Group. I can't find the notebook that went around with my block so I'm ashamed to say I do not know who did this neat seam. If you see it and know it's yours, please, please speak up and let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. (I have a sneaking suspicion this is done by JK). EDITED: Wrong, wrong! This seam was done by Christy -- thanks for letting me know!
This starts out with a silk ribbon rose and then straight stitches are added in a star like pattern. Beads are added to the ends of the center spokes of the star. There are various ways to make the silk ribbon roses. If you go back to my other posts on the seam embellishments, there's a link to a site that shows many videos of stitches. I'd link it for you, but like I said earlier, my computer has been changed and I can't get to my favorites.
If you don't have the silk ribbon or are unsure about attempting a rose, Ira (see previous post for a link to her) has a tutorial on her site for doing a rick rack rose. You could also use a large bead as your focal point, or gather up some of that skinny, narrow lace into a little bud type shape and use that. Some of you have gotten the organza ribbon and the organza would gather up to make a nice flower/rose shape. Do a little experimenting -- you never know what you can come up with.


Susan said...

That wasn't nice with no warnings! I guess that's another good reason to back up on a CD or something. Hope you find everything.

This is a great seam. It does look like JK's kind of work. Or Janet, maybe?

Judy S. said...

Hi Lesa,

Thanks for posting on my blog! This looks like a fun way to do a seam. I am going to have to dig out my SRE stuff.

Technology can be so great, but it sure can drive you crazy, can't it. When my work computer got updated, they lost ALL my contacts which made me want to cry....also done with no warning. But now I'm retired and have only myself to blame when things mess up.

Susan really did a great job with your beautiful stars. Have you seen them?

Christy said...

Oh man, I am so sorry to hear that the updated your computer. I just about died when I went from Windows 95 to XP. (Yes, I know that is pathetic!!!!) I like it better now, but then, I'd have killed to have my old Windows back!

BTW, that's another one of my seams, LOL. Gosh, I feel like a rock star!


Lori said...

I love the seam embellishments Christy did! they certainly are a learning experience! Great Job Christy!

Malla said...

Oh another interesting stitch combination from Christie! She is very creative or has a good source LOL. I could not have come up to anything like that - a rose & straight stitches. Nice!