Monday, March 03, 2008

I have been tagged by Ira to list 7 things about myself and then list my 7 favorite blogs. I'm also supposed to tag the 7 people, but almost everyone I know has already been tagged. So I'll do something different and list 7 blogs that may be new to those of you who read mine.

I've done this before, but I guess I can always think of 7 things about myself that you might not know.

1. I'm left handed and get very frustrated trying to follow directions/diagrams made for right handed people.

2. Being left handed, I can write backwards and read backwards (and upside down). The last skill comes in handy when in the bosses office and there's confidential memos laying out (g).

3. I cannot use a hand held can opener. In fact, I have quite a fight with my electric can opener at times (g). My biggest fear during the Y2K fiasco was that I'd starve to death not being able to open my canned goods.

4. I've worn the same size shoe since I was 10 years old (size 7).

5. I love to read and have been known to read 3-5 books in a weeks time (not thin little books, but ones of over 300+ pages).

6. I love old things -- textiles, books, furniture, kitchen tools -- anything old.

7. I would love to grow my own food, but with at least 2 little wild rabbits in my yard, I think it would be an exercise in futility.

7 new blogs for you to check out: -- art quilting -- primitive quilting -- fantastic beading! -- living the simple life -- a very peaceful blog -- lots of bling and fun and the cutest baby ever! -- eye candy -- more beading

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The Lone Beader said...

If you have 2 rabbits, you definitely have more than 2 rabbits. LOL.

And, thanks for mentioning me! Please stop by anytime. Cheers from Boston! :D