Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Seam Embellishment Week #7

Here it is Tuesday again and time for another seam embellishment. The last few weeks I've shown you straight line seam treatments. Your seam treatments do not always have to follow the straight line of the seam. Let's get a little curve action going. These seam treatments are done by me. I like to do curved lines, as I machine piece my blocks so I have lots of straight lines and angles. It's nice to break that up with a few curvy lines once in a while.
The embellishment above is done with a line of stem (or outline) stitch making a gentle curving line across the top of the block. I've then added some silk ribbon leaves and then little flowers with detached chain stitch. Next will come beading or french knots and then this large top piece will be nicely filled in.
This embellishment is done using fly stitch (or feather stitch -- they are both very similar, or at least they are when I do them (g)). Again, I had a largish space to fill up on a printed fabric. So I meandered the fly stitch and then gave it some "arms" to help finish filling up the space. I will probably scatter some beads or french knots around the whole area.

As far as marking your curvy lines, I used cotton in these blocks so I was able to use one of the purple air erasable pens. If I were using fancy fabrics or a dark colored fabric, I would use a fine chalk marker. (You can use any chalk for this -- a good tip is to "sharpen" the end using sand paper). I did my lines freehand, as it's much easier to make curvy lines then it is to do absolutely straight ones.

Hope these two treatments help you to think outside the box a little and move off the seam lines and onto your patches.


Lori said...

thank you for doing these seam embellishments! really appreciate it! love to look at eye candy and yours is always great.

Judy S. said...

Thanks, Lesa!

Where do you get the purple erasable pens? They sound like a very handy tool.

Susan said...

Oh, that top embellishment goes so nicely with the fabric under it. I'd call that a feather stitch, and I like them when they curve, too.

Ira said...

Thank you for great seams. It's very helpfull.
I tagged you