Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Seam Embellishment Week #6

Here we go -- another Tuesday -- another seam embellishment -- well, two seam embellishments to be exact. Both courtesy of Christy once again. I chose these two seam treatments because of their use of bigger beads. So many of us get stuck in the rut of just using the little seed beads and bugle beads and it's nice to break out the "big boy" beads once in a while to vary up the look of your blocks.
The top seam treatment has couched thread, straight stitches and then the bigger beads in the little box that's been made for them. Above that, just three straight stitches and again the bigger pearl bead. This is a good seam treatment to use on those bigger areas where you need a little more coverage. Using the larger threads (or even cording) and the bigger beads like this makes your seam treatments stand out and not get lost or fade away into the block. This is especially good if you have a printed fabric that you're working on.
The second seam treatment is once again straight stitches along the seam line with some added decorative straight stitches and lazy daisy flower stitches. Again Christy has used the bigger pearl beads and they look great whereas the little seed beads would have just disappeared on this seam treatment.
So don't be afraid to vary the sizes of your beads in your work, along with the sizes of your threads. Notice in Block 1 the nice thick line the bottom thread makes. Think of using some of your thicker yarns or even decorative cording and just couching it down. I hope these two treatments spark some ideas for you. Now get out your bigger beads and go play!


Susan said...

Thanks for these seams. You have a lot of interesting things to choose from, it seems!

Malla said...

The weeks pass so quickly and Tuesdays seem to come twice a week LOL. This is good for I am very shy in using larger beads!

Lynn said...

I love these seams, thanks for sharing and helping us with doing seams. Thanks to Christy great job!

Ira said...

Thank you for sharing with us these beautifil seams.