Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Seam Embellishment Week #5

Sorry for missing last week's posting. We've had a few weather issues here and in between fighting the weather, crazy drivers and work, I just didn't have it in me. So moving on ----- here's another seam embellishment from Christy.

This is using the cretan stitch and then adding detached lazy daisy flowers and a nice size bead in the center. As you can see, this seam embellishment takes up some "real estate" on the block and would be good to use if you have a rather largish patch you need to decorate. If you go back to prior Seam Embellishment posts, you'll find links to get to the video library of stitches for any help you need. I confess, I love the cretan stitch, but can't quite do it myself. I used to feel bad about admitting I didn't know how to do certain stitches until Miss Carole Samples made the same confession about all the stitches in her Treasury book. Of course, Miss Carole has the excuse of she's busy writing the book (g).

While I was not posting here, I have been working on things. I got Block 3 done in my Birds of a Feather quilt and also the next block prepped. I told you all I needed a break from all those miles of skinny stems so I jumped ahead in the book and finished this block. This the only block without miles of skinny stems. So go practice your stitches and make something beautiful!


Malla said...

Those lazy daisy flowers are interesting. I have not seen this shape before. They look nice - and the threads are so beautiful & shiny.

Very nice pears!

Ira said...

Beautiful flowers. I will try them. Lesa, What thrads you use for them?
Ant for my leaf tutorial, I use a paper like pergament, but you can use all hard and strong enough paper. All idea is that a paper prevent a tie of fabric, I live a baking because I can see a pattern under paper, but y regular white pou can use arinting paper.

Christy said...

YAY! Another one of my seam treatments! I'm becoming a STAR! Hee hee hee!

Ladies, I used EdMar threads to do this seam treatment, Iris weight.

Your pears look great Lesa, I can't wait to see this quilt finished!

Susan said...

Well, between us we make one person. I can do quite a nice cretan, but I think it is a darned ugly stitch, and I hardly ever use it. This particular seam looks very pretty - because it doesn't look like cretan at all. =)

I also love your pears and birds block. That is just beautiful.

Charlene said...

Give yourself a break! You're exceptional for doing this weekly stitch, so a break once in a while for Life Events is fine!

What a pretty pear block. You'll have to take your breaks from skinny stems on the Dark Tower quilt now, won't you? Calla Wolves is coming along ... Jake and Eddie are back in NY now - probably in their 'dream' state.

Gerry said...

This is a really pretty seam treatment. I like how you've used the cretan stitch.