Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Hero

What's all this? This is what I've been working on all last weekend and into the wee hours.

This will end up being a beautiful quilt donated to the American Hero project. I made the blocks and sent it off to Susan for her expertise in putting it together. You can read about the American Hero project on Susan's blog (scroll down a few entries or Susan has a link on the left side). These are quilts for our wounded soldiers. Since Madeline loves to help with every quilt project, I could not lay this out to put it together without fear of a major cat hair infestation. Since these quilts are going to a hospital, I figured this one needed to be as pristine (and Madeline free) as possible. Susan graciously offered to put this together for me (in a sterile envrionment -- hee hee)

And on a side note -- this entire quilt (I'm hoping it's close to twin size) was made totally from my stash. I did not have to buy one single piece. And I still have patriotic fabric. I don't know whether to be proud of this or ashamed (LOL).


JK said...

Hey hon.. Whoa... That is quite a lot of panels there! No wonder you went into hibernation over the weekend. Beautiful work, and I know they are going to help out so much for our precious boys and girls.

Lori said...

What a great project, Lesa! I am sure Susan will do you proud and some lucky person will get this love filled quilt.

Charlene said...

Well done!

Susan said...

I'm working on it today! I just posted what one block looks like. It will finish 42 x 42 this way, and I'll add the borders to make it bigger. I love working with these blocks. Thanks so much for making them!