Monday, January 21, 2008

Yeah, I'm playing with a feather

I hate the month of January. It goes on too long, and it's too cold, and there's too much snow, and ice, and freezing rain, and did I mention the cold? And there's no sun. Just long, endless days of dreary cold. Bone numbing cold. Do you get that I hate January? My temper is as short as the month is long. It's only the 21st -- lots more month to go. I can feel myself getting real close to biting someone's head off. Anyone. Doesn't matter who.

Even Madeline looks a little teed off playing with her favorite toy doesn't she? She got this as a Christmas present. When I get tired of playing and put the toy in the kitchen drawer, she has figured out how to open the drawer and will get the toy and bring it back to me. I say if she has this much intelligence and dexterity, it's time she goes out and gets a job to help with the gas bill. Another reason to hate January. Maybe someone should tell Mr. Bush that we could stimulate the economy if he and his cronies would turn their money grubbing Texas billionaire hands off the strangle they have on the oil wells to keep the price up so they can have their billions. (See, I warned you that January makes me mean).

Thank you for your lovely comments on the last post showing my applique blocks. Charlene wanted to know how long it takes to do a block . The actual sewing time, not that long, maybe a few hours. It's the prep work that takes forever. Drawing the patterns onto the freezer paper, remembering to reverse them, ironing the freezer paper on fabric (after I've spent time picking out the fabric), cutting the pieces out, clipping all the curves, gluing the turn back, arranging the pieces, well, you get the idea.

Sewcrazy (sorry, you were no reply and no link for your blog) asked about the birds beaks. She's doing needleturn, which I wish I could do but can't. I'm using the freezer paper method, so it's easy to get the beaks nice and sharp, but I'll tell you my method in case it will help you: Picture a triangle: I fold one side down, then I take the middle (or the sharp point) and fold that down, then I told the last side over the middle point and the first side, and work it to make the nice point. That's probably clear as mud to you sewcrazy, but it's the best explanation I've got.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and Seam Embellishment day. We're scheduled to get an ice storm going on all night. If I can't get into work, the seam embellishment will be postponed.

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sewcrazy said...

Re bird beaks ...Thanks Maddie,I'll try that way. will have to undo a few beaks and redo them I think. sorry I don't have a blog, not puter savvy , but I love reading them
Have a good day Margaret in sunny Queensland Australia