Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seam Embellishment Week #4

Hello everyone! It's that time of the week again -- time to showcase another seam embellishment. This week's seam comes from Faith. (Everytime I see her name I think of George Michael's singing "I gotta have Faith" and then this morning on the drive into work, I actually HEARD that song on the radio and had to laugh). Okay, back to the subject.

Faith has done a neat seam embellishment that I think of as "faux buttonhole wheels" and she used metallic floss. This is not using the buttonhole stitch, but rather the stem stitch for the outline and then just straight stitches for the spokes. Just draw yourself a nice wavy sort of line, do your stem stitch (or outline stitch), and then put in your spokes with straight stitches. It's probably a good thing to keep the "waves" a little on the smallish side so that your spokes aren't too long. If your stitches there get too long, they get all "floppy" and messy looking.

Another great feature of this block from Faith (sorry, she has no blog yet, but she should don't ya think?), is look at the little birdhouse underneath with all the flowers. This was just a regular printed fabric but Faith enhanced the look with some simple stitches and tons and tons of flowers, all done with regular floss. This is one of my favorite blocks I have received just because of this little patch alone.

Be sure and look closely at your fabrics next time you make a block and pick one out that you can enhance like this. The theme of this block swap was Birdhouses -- each block had to have a birdhouse on it somewhere in some sort of medium (bead, charm, stitching, etc.). With just a few simple stitches, Faith really showcased the birdhouse on this block.

I don't know if you all read the comments that are left but Malla has been following along with the seam embellishment of the week. Go and visit her blog and look at her feather stitch (among other things). Lots of pretty blocks to look at.


Malla said...

Faith's block is SO beautiful! And the photo was so large & sharp I got a very clear picture. - This is really something to keep in mind, the possibility of enchancing some print motif.

I'm not good at sewing buttonholes, especially wheels. Maybe I'll try next time this 'false method'.

Susan said...

That's a great seam. Thanks for sharing it. What a cute block.

Chelle said...

Faith's block is very pretty! I really like all of those flowers. Adding details to the birdhouse is a neat idea, too. I've seen that done with toile and it looks great.

Gina E. said...

Hi M.C.F. - I'm not going to address you as Maddie, as I can see by your blog that is your pussycat's name - and cute she is! Thank you for leaving a comment on my Peacocks blog, explaining about the 'scarf' term. I'm enjoying looking at your blog now; I don't do CQ but I love looking at it!