Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Seam Embellishment Week #2

Hello everyone. It's time for another seam embellishment. This time, I'm going to give you two of them. One is based, once again, on the chain stitch. This was done by Betty (Betts), a member of CQForNewbies. I haven't heard from Betts in a while and don't think she has a blog. Here's her seam embellishment.

This is three chain stitches, left, right and center. At the top, she has added French knots. The easiest way to space this would be to do one side, then the other side and then the chain in the center. You could use beads in place of the French knots. You could also use bugle beads in the blank spaces next to the center chains, or even add straight stitches there. This is a nice, easy seam embellishment that covers a lot of ground and stands out nicely on a seam.

The second seam embellishment was done by Christy , another member of CQForNewbies.

This stitch is done using the stem stitch. As you can see, Christy used beautiful silk ribbon roses inbetween her swirls, but don't be scared! You don't have to do roses if you're not ready for them; buttons would be a nice alternative. If you'll look closely, you'll see 4 beads, a big white one and three small red ones. I really like the way she's clustered these beads together. Use your chalk or one of the disappearing pens (always checking your fabric first and never, never, ever iron over the disappearing pen until it has totally disappeared), and draw yourself a little swirley (or half of a figure 8). The secret to a nice stem stitch is to take little stitches, lots of little ones instead of big stitches. That way you can control the curve without your thread looping up and not curving right. I hope these two stitches help you this week.

I want to thank everyone who has left comments. I have tried to answer all of you, but some of you come through as "no reply." If you'll check the comments section on the last post, Malla left a great suggestion on something else to use as a template to draw scallops and circles. Thanks Malla! And one more little thing -- if you refer to this post on your blog or elsewhere, please make sure you refer to it as "Seam Embellishment" of the Week and not Stitch of the Week. Stitch of the Week sounds too much like Sharon B's Take a Stitch which she did last year and I certainly don't want to infringe or take away from all the great, hard work that Sharon did with that project. Thanks!!


Judy S. said...

Hi Lesa,

Thanks so much for including a link to the stitch instructions. It never fails to amaze me how much variety there is in seam treatments....very creative and very inspirational!

Christy said...

Hi Lesa! I'm excited to see one of my seam treatments as a feature....and yes, I do have a blog! LOL!


Kay said...

I'm so happy to be following along with your weekly stitch.... I used last week's stitch and can't wait to use this week's stitch! I'm a newbie and need the practice so this is just what I need!

Susan said...

Great examples, Lesa. I love how you are taking the seams from different stitchers on the list - every day stitchers who do a great job!