Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Seam Embellishment of the Week #3

Hello everyone -- it's time for our next Seam Embellishment. This week the feather stitch is featured. Nobody does the feather stitch better then my friend, and fellow List Owner, JK. As you can see, the feather stitch does not have to be a straight line seam embellishment, it can gently curve along and around your block and is good for filling in a larger piece.

A lot of people are a little intimidated by the feather stitch, when it's really a rather easy stitch. I remember seeing Betty Pillsbury on Simply Quilts saying the feather stitch was just: shoulder, shoulder, belly button. Meaning you start the stitch at one upper edge (shoulder), go back down at the other upper edge (shoulder), and then take the stitch in the middle (belly button).

I also found this site to help you guys out: it's video clips of all kinds of stitches. I know a lot of people are more visual learners, so check this out. It's a great resource. I'm still hunting for a site that shows left handed stitching. I'm a lefty and I definitely learn better by seeing someone do it, or a diagram that's done for lefties. I don't want to have to put the book in front of the mirror or stand on my head or any of the other things they expect us lefthanders to do. So if any of you know of a good site for lefties, PLEASE let me know!

Here's JK's feather stitch beaded -- this is my favorite one. This version of the feather stitch is more of a straight line, following the seam itself. She's used bugle beads here, but you could also use the little seed beads on the ends. Another variation would be to use a lazy daisy stitch on the end of each "feather" and add some little straight stitches next to the lazy daisy for a flower effect.
Give the feather stitch a try and see how many ways you can dress it up. And please, if you've used some of the stitches, leave me comments with your blog address (since a lot of you come through as "no reply" and I can't find you). We all love to look at how others have done stitches.


Malla said...

I love feather stitch! It is pretty easy, though I don't get it quite even... Little uneveness does not matter however. In my spring block there are 2 variations:
- feather with bullion knots
- feather with lazy daisies + beads inside the lazy daisies.

Gerry said...

I really like this stitch. It was one of the first I learned. And it was easy! This is a great series of posts. I'll be back :-)