Friday, December 07, 2007

Question Answered

Hello everyone! Sitting here in the middle of the country getting ready for a very interesting weekend -- sleet/freezing rain/ice/snow -- and the fun thing about living here is that it will probably do all of these things at once! So looks like I'll have another nice quiet weekend trapped in the house with wild Madeline. Heaven help us! And I still need to do some Christmas shopping, but I don't think it will be happening this weekend.

Raegan asked a question about my hand painted lace post way back here. The question is: "I wonder if a regular hot iron is okay on the DecoArt So Soft paints or if it damages the color?" And the answer is: a regular hot iron is perfectly okay. You need the heat to help set the paint. It does not damage the lace or the color. And the DecoArt paints do not change the hand (feel) of the lace. It is still soft enough to sew on and even bead through. Give this a try -- I think you'll like it. Joann's is a great place to pick up the DecoArt fabric paints and they have sales on them quite often (even though the regular price is pretty cheap, sale is even better!).

Everyone have a fun weekend and I hope you live in a place with much better weather then here.


Charlene said...

Love your snowman pillow!

Cat said...

Ohhhh Kansas! I don't like tornados and wild weather! You must be very brave!

We had a good snow here this weekend (Utah). It wasn't really a "storm" though, just gently falling snow...

Cute snowman pillow!