Thursday, September 06, 2007

Been Busy

I'm still working my fingers off getting things ready. Here's another couple of little fairy boxes. I have several people here in the area that really love my fairy things and follow me around to the different shows just for the fairy items. Gee, aren't I lucky I have "groupies?" (LOL)

I also put this little door hanger/pillow fairy on ebay to once again test the waters -- that and the fact that ebay is having a special on the listing fees. I think I just squeeked under the wire (LOL). Anyway, it's item #270163074161 if you'd like to see another picture of it or just follow along.


Gerry said...

Love the fairy! The pink(ish) lace is darling. I visited you at ebay. Good luck!

Susan said...

How cool that you use all your ideas across various media. I'm not at all surprised you have groupies!