Monday, July 30, 2007

Lazy Weekend

A nice long lazy weekend without many chores (only mowing the lawn and a little grocery shopping). Since the bunny quilt blocks are done and I'm okay on inventory for the craft shows, it was time to play. First off, an Egyptian block made for a friend. I had this pieced for the Egyptian swap, but didn't have time to finish it for the swap. But there was plenty of time to finish it for a friend (g)

Next, this little quiltie. I love these prints of little girls. I have several of them and want to do a series of these quilts. I actually know (or know of) the women who were once these little girls. This is Jean and her dog Buster. And a close up of some of the beading. It was fun. The next one I've got pieced is Emma Violet. And yes, there really was an Emma Violet. She was a twin. Her sister's name was Ethel Rose.

And just to show you what a lazy weekend it was, here's Madeline, supervising from the window sill. In the background is one of my flower beds. The white stuff is Snake Be Gone. I saw a snake while mowing and I now have my "magic lines" of white powder to keep them away from the house. Hope your weekend went as well as mine!


Gerry said...

oh, such a shame you didn't get it done. It's a beauty. Your friend will love it!

Charlene said...

Lazy, you say? With chores done and all that lovely stitching? Love the bright colors you're using - summer at its finest!!

JK said...

Helloo?? Yooohoooo! What's shaken partner? Aha! Is that the block for whom I think it is for? She is going to love, love it! Beautiful!!

Hey, I didn't know you were doing those picture quilts?? Wow! Is it hard to get those vintage photos to come out clear? I would love to do one of mom and pappa when they were young. Mom was a total knockout and papa was a handsome sexy Spanish devil. Let me know what is the best way to get the vintage photos to look crisp and clear okay?

And then there is the Mads... You mean she finally came off the ceiling for a bit?? ;) Give her noogies for me, and a big smooch from Sydney.

Susan said...

Your Egyptian block is just wonderful! I love this color combination. Lucky friend!

The other quiltie blocks are great, too. I like the little girl prints. Must make it even more special to know one of them.

Love that Madeline! She's just a perfect cat.