Friday, July 20, 2007

Finally Friday!!!

This week is finally over. Not much quilty or artsy has gone on this week. I managed to somehow zap my satellite dish (repairman came 2 days later -- 2 days with no TV), the refrigerator was making horrible noises, but has now calmed down to its usual dull roar (ha!), and Madeline is still her wild, crazy self.
Here's a picture of a little homeless man I feed. He started sleeping under my porch steps last winter when it was bitter, bitter cold. When I would come home and start up the driveway, he'd run away. I felt so bad for him being out in the bitter cold. I started leaving food for him. It's taken about 9 months for him to trust me and actually come when I call. He lets me pet him as long as I have nothing in my hands -- anything in my hands (mail, newspaper, watering can) and he runs, so obviously he's been mistreated in the past.

He reminds me very much of my sweet Wendy (Miss Piggy) who passed away two years ago this August.

So I continue to feed Little Homeless Man. He now sleeps on the porch or the back deck. Madeline delights in sitting in a chair by the door and keeping a very sharp eye on him. He politely ignores her.


Gerry said...

What a handsome and charming "tom" he is. And playing hard to get, too.

I bet you'll win his heart just like he's won yours.

Susan said...

What a great looking cat. Isn't it a shame that people will do such mean things that an animal will be that leary? You are doing a great job of teaching him trust, though.

JK said...

Hey, I didn't know you had a house guest? Awe he is beautiful! What a shame, you just know he must have been mistreated. I would love two mintues with someone that abuses animals. I have a good right "Five Knuckle Jimmy" and would gladly introdcue him to the person who did this to him.