Friday, March 02, 2007

Under the Wire

First off, thank you to everyone who has left me a comment on my blocks. Seems you all are really loving the fantasy blocks. I've been doing more work on them and hopefully will have pics for you next week.

My other project is my bunnies block of the month project through my local quilt store. Of course, it's now been (ahem!) 7 months since I bought the last block, but hey, I'm getting there. My goal is to do one of these bunnies each month (see, it would have been too normal to have done a block a month when I was actually purchasing them).

So all of this is a long way of saying, look at my newest bunny. He was officially finished February 27th, but I didn't get his picture taken and posted here until today.
And since I was on such a roll, I already have the next block all freezer paper/glued, cut, trimmed and it's all ready to be appliqued. Amazing how much progress you can make on something once you guilt yourself into it (g)