Friday, March 30, 2007

Newest Fairy

Wow! Long time no post. Things have been very hectic at work as we have one person who has not been in for over a week now.
But that hasn't stopped me from being busy with my own things at home. Here's my newest fairy. I transferred her from a laser printer copy using a heat tool. As soon as I get a few moments, I'll post about what I use and how it's done. It's the greatest way to transfer images to fabric. They are permanent, even when washed, and it doesn't affect the feel of the fabric.

She is colored with crayons and I have started some of the embroidery on her wings. She'll have lots more embroidery on her wings, then I'll add some fabric painting in the larger areas of her wings. There will be beads, lots of beads and maybe even some silk ribbon embroidery.

I deliberately tried to stay away from my usual colors of blue/purple, and am making this fairy more peachy/green colors. We'll see how she turns out.

Spring has certainly sprung here in my area, hope it has in yours. The tulips are blooming and so are the trees. Of course, last night we had a very heavy thunderstorm so most of the blooms are off the trees now, but that's a lot better then all that snow and ice.


dawnkristine said...

Oh yes, cannot wait for the tutorial...Great job Lesa!

Charlene said...

She's a pretty little nymph, and I'm sure she'll be beautiful as she 'grows up.'

corina said...

She is already pretty and I just wait to see her on all her beauty!

Marcia said...

Looking forward to your tutorial! It will be nice not to have to tape stuff to the window on a sunny day LOL!

Gerry said...

She is too cute. The detail is wonderful. Can't wait for the tutorial!