Friday, March 09, 2007

Block One Done!

I have completed the first block of my Fantasy CQ. This quilt will be for me. The dragon transfer was sent to me in my birthday packages from my CQForNewbies group (thanks Nancy!). I have the full view of the block and then a close up of the beading on the dragon.

The three buttons on the right are more of a light coppery color and not orangish as they look in the picture. I also think maybe the big purple lace needs something else -- any suggestions? The dark purple trim on top of the purple lace came from my friend Crazy Judyth ( (She doesn't carry trims and such, just sent this to me as a gift. She does, however, carry fancy fabrics).

Now for the close up: thanks to the miracle of digital cameras, I can see that I missed a bead on the dragon's wings (LOL). I've sat and looked at the block over and over -- even put on my magnifier to make sure I had all the beads in place. Then this morning when I transferred the pictures, I could see the bead missing. So he's "almost" finished. I need to go home and add that one bead.


Crazy Judyth's Stuff said...

OK, I would like to see the whole wing outlined in beading. Do you have any of those tiny tiny beads? I think that they are called petite. Mill Hill makes them and of course...I have plenty.
As for the purple stuff, I agree, it does need more. But, if you did more to the circle stitching above the purple, I think it might bring it more into contrast? Or use some lighter purple stitching, beads or? in the purple laces. Just some off the top suggestions. I need to look at it more. However, very nice as it is. Remember, I believe in heavy encrustment. So take my suggestions for what they're worth.

Charlene said...

Beautiful, Lesa. You're right, those sequins are too big -- do they make any smaller ones? Can't wait to see the others!

Ati. said...

Lesa it is a beautiful block with a lot of "magic "in it.
Or did I say that before? :)

Susan said...

Very beautiful block. I don't see a thing wrong with it. =)

annetteb said...

I absolutely love this block its stunning. What is a fantasy block is it a pattern or a block of the month. Can't wait to see some more.