Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mini Tutorial

For my newbies at CQForNewbies, here's a little mini tutorial on one method of finishing the 3 inch blocks for our swap.

I've pieced the block, added some embroidery, some lace and beads. I put stabilizer (or interfacing -- whichever name you prefer) on the back and have machine stitched a very tiny seam around the piece to hold the backing on. (Later I will write my name and the date on the back of the block -- that's the reason for the white backing).

Now to cover those edges.

I had some beautiful ribbon so I sewed one edge of the ribbon onto the front, carefully easing it around the corners of the little piece to cover up the machine stitching. (Please don't look too closely -- this is strictly an example piece and I can see now in the picture I need another little stitch there on the right hand edge (LOL)).

Now here's the back showing how I stitched the ribbon on the back side -- this method is basically like binding a regular quilt. And you can also see the interfacing/stabilizer backing.

Like I said, this is just one method for finishing. I have another square where I only did Step 1 (the sewing of a very small line all around the block). On top of the line of stitching, I have attached some of the fancy fibers for a totally different look.

For other versions of how to finish off your little squares see:


Jo's blog with an EXCELLENT tutorial.

And then there's also Wilma from Holland:


Wilma shows a version using machine stitching. These are just a few examples for you. Have fun and let's make lots of cute little 3 inch squares.